Thursday, April 30, 2009

Counting down!

That's right everyone! I've been looking at my planner and although I'm in the middle of crunch time right now, there is an end in sight! Only about 3 more weeks until my undergrad university experience is over!

It also occurred to me that since I currently don't have a job, and won't be finding one before I leave for Europe in June, that once school is done I'm going to have free time! I plan to catch up on much needed reading-for-pleasure and doing some major spring cleaning. I'm one of those strange people that actually enjoy cleaning. I know its wierd right? I just love the mindlessness of it, I put my iPod on and tune out the world.

Does anyone else like cleaning or have cleaning rituals?

My fellow roomate (also known as my mother) is a pack-rat and keeps everything. I do mean everything. Especially papers. So there is often a struggle when I want to clean and get rid of things and she wants to hold on to that magazine from the early 90's. Hrmm.

Also, the essay-from-hell has offically been handed in! You have no idea how much this relieved me! Just in time for me to start essay # 45829 (or so it seems) for next week.

I hope everyone around the world is having a good week, and good weather!


  1. Um, so you like cleaning?? Wanna come over and clean my house? :)

  2. I love cleaning too, my boyfriend thinks it's great since he is SO not into cleaning. I just think it's fun and especially if it involves organizing :)

  3. i wrote a comment above and then after posting realised how riddled with spelling mistakes it was. i am one of THOSE people who would rather rewrite something than use typex... what do americans call typex again... shoot i learnt this the other day ...

    i had to google it - white out! you call it white out. wow. this comment is very random.

    anyway - congratulations at being Almost At The End! yay yay for you!!!

  4. @ Fidgeting Gidget - When I have to write papers, I would gladly come clean your house haha

    @ H - I totally agree about the organizing! Wow, we really are a lot alike :)

    @ Sarah - LOL. I agree about rewriting instead of white-out, it just looks so much neater, and thank you for your comments on me almost being done :D

  5. Oh, I love cleaning too, Ella! : ) But the part I like most is ironing! I have just ironed for two and half hours today (and watched Everwood at the same time) : )
    Good luck with your final essays!!!! : )