Sunday, April 5, 2009

At the library on a sunday

I think I've officially handed my life over to the library gods. Looking at my day planner, the next few weeks (or months rather) are looking quite busy, so you may find me in this position at this library quite often from now on.

I've been here for about 3 hours now, and have about 3 hours to go before heading home for the night. I don't mind writing papers, I just despise the amount of research and reading that goes into it before hand. My mind is bogged down with articles on revolutionary politics and World War II mixed in with chapters of "Oliver Twist" here and there for a different class.

I'm beginning to seriously dislike reading, which is a real shame because I actually love(d) reading! I don't feel as though I can read for pleasure because each hour spent doing that is one more hour I could be spending reading for school.

On the bright side, every hour is one hour closer to me finally graduating with my B.A.
Alright, back to the books I go!


  1. Oh I really don't miss this about university! I graduated last year, and it's been so nice to finally catch up on reading for fun...I found it very hard to read for pleasure during university because of the reason that you stated! That's exciting that you are in the final stretch, enjoy it!

  2. Thanks!

    Yes I know exactly what you mean, I've had a giftcard to a bookstore in my wallet since Christmas, but can't quite bring myself to buy anything yet because I know I'll want to read it right away!