Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunshine and short sleeves!

I love love love this time of year when the weather begins to warm up. Everyone seems so happy and is smiling all the time. I've stated numerous times before that sunshine makes me happy, and it really is true.

I'm currently on Ella alone day 7, and I have to admit I've gotten used to being alone. It may actually be a slight adjustment for me when my mom comes home in a few days. The infamous cat and I have learned to cope with each other, although I am still being woken up at 6:30 each morning.

The downside to this beautiful weather is that I don't have time to enjoy it this weekend. The paper from hell, otherwise known as my German Detective Fiction essay, is due on wednesday and I am currently only on page 7 of 15-20. I figure that roughly half way through isn't *too* bad. I find that I get distracted very easily when I am writing a paper. I'll be motivated for about an hour and a half, and then I'll lose it again for about 3 hours. My goal was to get to 10 pages today, and seeing as it is currently only 3:20pm, that might still happen. I find I work best late at night for some reason.

Some friends are coming over this evening to play Wii, so presuming that I am not worn out from bowling and mario kart, I will probably plant myself at the table and work for a few hours after they leave.


  1. german detective fiction!! wow!! sounds awesome and very very arb and lovely.

    i like living alone. i went from boarding school to living with my brother to living alone. ah the peace!


  2. I truly relish those times when I'm the only person at home. Well, when I know definitely someone's coming back...hehe. Good luck with the interesting-topic essay ;-)

  3. Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement on the essay :) I'm proud to say it is slowly coming to a close, I'm currently on page 13 of 15-20, yay!

    As to the living alone, I sat here last night and was just ovecome with this feeling of tranquility, so perhaps I really wouldn't mind living alone one day