Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm going to Ireland!!

Its official! I have the booking confirmations in my hand (well email actually) but either way, its booked. My mom and I tossed around the idea of flying to Dublin about a month ago, but then before we booked the tickets, Air Canada raised their prices by over $400! So we gave up on that idea and continued reseraching other websites and airlines trying to find an affordable alternative to flying directly to Frankfurt. For some reason Frankfurt seems to be the most expensive destination in Europe.

On saturday I was browsing the internet and some little voice in my head told me to go to the Air Canada website and check out the Dublin fares again, and OMG they were low again! About $60 more than originally, but I'm not complaining!

So in the end we're flying to Dublin for less then half the price of a ticket to Frankfurt. I've never been to Ireland so needless to say I'm very excited. If anyone has any specific recomendations on Dublin, I'd love to hear them!


  1. Have fun! I just booked my trip to Banff with my husband but we won't be flying back on the same plane 'cause aeroplan has limited seat for miles users. poor husband will be stuck in Calgary by himself for hours.

    Take tons of pictures!

  2. Yay that is so exciting! Have a great time! A friend of mine used to live in Dublin, and he has always suggested visiting the library at Trinity College. It looks SPECTACULAR!

  3. Great! Interesting because this is 'rumored' to be where I am going very soon for a few days with my husband ;-) I'll share about it on my blog if it does happen. I do have a few friends who work in hospitality in Dublin. They've each told me St. Stephen's Green is a nice area of Dublin's city center for both shopping and eating. It's to the south of the Liffey River in the heart of the city. Also a must-see in the evenings is the Temple Bar District in Dublin. They've suggested to me there a pub called the Porterhouse. There is also a Hard Rock Cafe, for familiarity, in the Temple Bar-area, but I think it sounds more interesting to try something new ;-) Also maybe get a tour of the Guinness factory.

  4. I am so envious!! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy every minute of it!

  5. @ Bluefish, I know what that's like, I've flown on airmiles too and had the same problem with my mom, but I suppose thats the price to pay for saving some money

    @ H, thanks for the tip! I'm definitely adding the library to my list. I adore libraries so much.

    @ Isabella, Ooohh that's so exciting! I look forward to hearing all about your trip if you go!

    @ Somewhere in Between, thanks so much for your comment! I'm very very excited and I'm tying to fit as much as possible into a couple of days