Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ella alone Day 3

I woke up this morning to find that we have no running water. Which of course never happens when my mom is home. So I've been on the phone with the property management company and water company and talking to my neighbours. No one knows why we have no water at the moment. Which made getting dressed this morning extra fun. Has anyone else had the pleasure of brushing their teeth with a water bottle?

Also, I was so preoccupied with the water situation, I managed to burn a poptart! Who does that?

Hrmm, so that's my sunday so far. Now I'm off to the library for most of the day, and hopefully coming back to a nice shower.

Also, my beloved cat has developed the habit of wanting food at 6am. I managed to ignore her until abut quarter to 7, and then gave up and got up to feed her.


  1. My cat has also gotten into the habit of wanting to be fed at 6am - but he's relentless and will gnaw on my fingers until I get up and feed him. Have fun at the library!!

  2. I hope you'll get running water soon:) My cat likes to wake people up for food as well, but I always ignore her until I'm ready to get up.

  3. What an interesting day you had. I hope the water-situation is resolved, but I am sorry to admit I got a good chuckle from reading about your burned poptart ;-)

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    The water finally came back around 9pm last night, thank god. I was already contemplating having to wash my hair using water bottles. It was like camping, but in my own house!

    I'm managing with the cat situation, this morning I woke up to her sitting beside my pillow staring me down. A little creepy at 6am I must admit. And then once she realized I was awake, she crawled over and sat on my chest. I should note that she's not a small cat. 16lbs of cat at 6 am = not fun for Ella! Haha.

    Isabella, I'm glad I gave you a good chuckle ;) I had to laugh a little myself after that one. This is why I really don't cook, I manage to burn poptarts!

  5. sigh... whats a poptart?!

    we don`t have those in South Africa (woe... poor us). and neither here in Japan... sad times, huh?

  6. Hi Sarah!

    You're from South Africa? That's really cool.

    Poptarts are graham cracker pastries filled with either a fruit jam type filling or chocolate, you can eat them the way the are or put them in the toaster and warm the filling and make the outside a little crunchy...i left it in too long and that's why it burnt

  7. they sound amazing. i want one!!!