Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ella alone day 5

..the aforementioned cat has developed a new habit. This morning I woke up to her "lightly" scratching the side of my arm with her paw. It would have been adorable if it wasn't 6am once again. I ignored it for a good 40 minutes. She in turn I suppose got more frustrated at me and swiped the side of my cheek with said paw. Needless to say that woke me up. I now have a red war wound on the side of my face in the shape of a scratch.

This photo is actually her (when she's peacefully sleeping) although after this morning I'm thinking the first is more appropriate. I love her to death, just maybe not before 8am.

I know a lot of you are also cat lovers, does anyone have any funny/annoying cat stories?


  1. No, but I would love a cat. But like you, not before 8 AM ;-)

  2. i came across your blog today on 20somethings, and i had to comment on this post, haha. i have a cat who meows like a pigeon. she plays tag.. literally. her and my husband play it all around the house. she can't cover her messes in the litter.. she scratches the floor and the wall, but never the litter. you have to run and hop into the bed because if you don't, she'll attack you from behind the bedskirt. when she hears noises outside, she posts up like a prairie dog and growls. she's something else. couldn't pass up tellin' you about her, haha. (:

  3. @ jslvr, I love that story! Mine does the same thing with her litter, when I happen to be in the basement when she's using her box, I just shake my head. She always looks so proud that shes "scratching" ..even though like you said, its the wall of the box usually.

    Cats are such strange but amazing creatures aren't they?