Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ireland (Pt. 2)

I'm still in the planning stages, but I'm already so excited and I have a list of things I want to see. Mainly: Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Christchurch Cathedral, Temple Bar, the Guiness Brewery and there's an old market street full of antique dealers.

I found out today that a friend of mine just booked her ticket to Dublin last night to visit some family there for a couple of weeks, and it turns out we're going to be there at the same time! Its a very random coincidence, but it will be very cool if we meet up for a drink or dinner or something.

My father was in town for the long weekend, so I met him for lunch yesterday and we discussed our trip to Romania which I'm also very excited for. All in all I really can't wait for summer this year.


  1.'ll be traveling a lot. I envy you! Banff will be my last trip for a very long time.

  2. Lucky!!! If work lets me take time off for New Years this winter, I'm going to make a trip to Ireland with some friends too.

  3. Wow, Romania too! Cool :-) On your trip to Dublin, will you be able to go outside of Dublin? I wonder because I've been told it's a nice thing to go to the other side of the country too. Flights are cheap from Dublin to other parts of Ireland even. I would love to see Galway, for example. Just a thought ;-)

    Have a great weekend!