Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Leaving on a Jetplane (or 2)

Just a very quick post (while I'm in class, I'm such a good student, I know) to let you all know I'm off to Europe (via a 4-hour layover in NYC) as of tomorrow morning! It will be just over 24 hours of travel time, so I expect to arrive in Germany feeling like a zombie friday morning.

Since I'm only gone a week, I want to avoid the typical jet-lag symptoms as much as possible, so I went out and bought "No Jet-Lag" a herbal medication that is supposed to help reset your internal clock a lot faster. I'm not too optimistic about it actually working, but at this point I will try anything.

I'm not bringing my laptop with me this time as I have plenty of books to read courtesy of the bestest that should hopefully keep me occupied. I will return with a travel journal and lots of pictures on the 21st!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

crawling out of hibernation! and going to Malta!

Why hello there! Remember me? Your former blog friend who has now been reduced to a stressed-out tantrum-throwing mess? Yup that's me. I'm crawling out of my hole just long enough to announce that I'm still here but I've had zero time to blog the last few weeks. I googled "stressed out" and this is the first picture that came up. Appropriate I would say.

My trip to Morocco has now officially been cancelled, with the unrest in the Middle East/North Africa, we thought it was simply too dangerous - so I'm going to Malta instead!

Malta, a very small and beautiful Island just south of Sicily - and a place I know next to nothing about! I'm very excited, and I've been doing some research whenever I've had a free moment recently. I'm hoping to go out and buy a guidebook today and really start marking down some places to see. Regardless, this is a much-needed break and although I have a ton of work to do between now and then, I can't wait until thursday!

I will leave you with some images of beautiful Malta (courtesy of google) and will be back to post again before I leave! I promise!

Have a great week everyone!