Wednesday, April 22, 2009

50 Random Things

I promised myself that once I got to 10 followers, I would post some information about myself. Thanks to Sarah yesterday, I have 10! So here goes. I compiled a list of 50 random things about me, you don't have to read them all, but the information is there. I find it fascinating to read other people's random things, it's especially interesting to see what they pick to share with the world.

1. I've never lived in a house with a garage
2. I've lived in 3 different countries on 2 continents
3. I love doing laundry and the smell of detergent and have a bunch of "clean linen" scented candles/sprays
4. The same goes for lavender. It makes me feel calm
5. I have a love/hate relationship with the smell of aviation fuel
6. The same goes for facebook, I'm on it everyday, but I'm convinced it ruins relationships and makes people miserable
7. I hate egg yolks
8. I would love to take trapeze lessons some day
9. I generally don't like candy or sweets
10. Pizza is my comfort food
11. I love high heels but rarely wear them
12. I wish I had a job that forced me to dress up and wear heels
13. I love to colour and consider it stress relief
14. My favourite movies of all time are Dirty Dancing and Eurotrip
15. I can't wait to be an expat one day
16. I'm left handed, and funnily enough so are most of my close friends
17. I speak 2 languages fluently, but would love to learn more
18. I wasn't too impressed with the Twilight series until I got to "Breaking Dawn", now that's one of my favourite books of all time
19. I love the entire Harry Potter series and I'm not ashamed to admit it
20. I was obsessed with the Backstreet Boys when I was a teenager, and their music still makes me happy
21. I had front row tickets to the last show of the Millennium Tour, and will never forget it
22. I love the smell of rain
23. My feet, hands and nose are always cold, but I rarely feel it
24. Sunshine makes me happy
25. I trust people very easily, it tends to get me hurt but yet I never learn
26. I have 5 very close girlfriends that mean the world to me
27. I'm an only child
28. I talk fast and stumble over my words occasionally, especially when I'm excited or nervous
29. Flying still makes me nervous and I have nightmares about it about once a month
30. Those nerves have never once kept me at home
31. I actually enjoy camping and cottage life in small doses
32. I'm a big city girl and hate living in the suburbs
33. My mom is my best friend. We have a Gilmore-Girls style relationship
34. I loved My Little Pony as a kid and had over 100 of them
35. To date I've only broken one bone in my body, but I broke it twice
36. I love cereal and milk as a snack but not for breakfast
37. Smells trigger memories in my mind all the time
38. I'm very superstitious
39. I don't believe in coincidences, I believe in signs
40. I look for meaning in random, everyday things
41. For example, the random shuffle on my Ipod, I believe it picks songs for a reason
42. I love my blue eyes, no matter what colour I wear, they're always the same blue
43. I'm a touch OCD and love boxes and lables
44. I have a really good memory and rarely forget a name
45. Scrambled eggs and toast is my hangover food
46. I keep the paper shopping bags from expensive stores and have a hard time throwing them out
47. I have a cat who I love to death and think she is the most beautiful animal in the world 48. A close second are Canada geese. I love them and think they are adorable
49. I clean when I'm upset or angry
50. I love trivia, board games and quizz shows.


  1. yay yay! 10 followers! good times!

    11 - i am already taller than a good 85 % of the population in japan. when i wear heels i scare children like godzilla
    12 - what do you do?
    15 - come live here! :) its easy!
    17 - what do you speak?
    18 - only read the first 2 and thought that my 15 year old cousin could`ve written them better :p
    42 - mine change colour all the time
    50 - whats your favourite?

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for commenting!

    11- I'm tall in flats already too, but I wish I was shorter

    12- I'm a starving student, haha, for another couple of weeks anyway

    15- Japan would be pretty cool, it was an amazing trip :)

    17- English and German, and bits of French and Sign Language

    18- LOL, I agree about those, but read the last one! Its amazing!

    42- A lot of people say that, mine have never changed

    50- Ohh toughie...probably Jepardie, but I like them all

  3. Just found your blog through 20SB....I love the list of things about you--I'm such a list person. Congrats on ten followers and I think I'll make it 11!

  4. how tall are you? what do you study? wow... i ask a lot of questions...

  5. I love questions lol

    I'm about 5'10" ...I have no idea what that is in CM ...around 185 maybe? But I could be wrong

    I'm studying humanities, which is pretty much as general as you can get. Lots of history, sociology, cultural studies type courses

  6. @ Fidgeting Gidget

    I love lists too, I find it fascinating to see what other people put on theirs. Thanks so much for posting and for being follower # 11!

  7. I love this post! These types of lists are so much fun to read. It was strange, as I was reading through, I couldn't help but think how similar we are! I've also lived on 3 different countries in 2 continents, am very tall (6'0), love to colour, am left handed, love Harry Potter,rarely forget names, and collect pretty shopping bags from expensive stores! Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine :)

  8. Cool post. I've done it too.
    5. That one's a bit scarry lol
    6. I just got back on Facebook, though I don't really like it. You're right, it can ruin people's relationships sometimes.
    17. What's then 2nd one?
    39. That's a good thing, I think. It helps remain positive sometimes.

  9. @ H, that's really cool, it sounds like we are a lot alike. What countries have you lived in? Mine are Canada, Germany and Switzerland.

    @ 9volter,
    5. lol, I just meant in that it reminds me of flying which I don't like
    17. I speak english and german, some sign language and some french, although I want to learn more

  10. I've lived in Canada, the USA, and now the Netherlands!

  11. Just found this post. Love it! Love lists! I should do some!

    Oh, I'm 5'10 too, and that's about 1.76, so you were a little bit off on that one ;)