Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My new addiction

I hate to admit this, but I've found a new addiction. Before I tell you all what it is, I should inform everyone that up until about a month and a half ago I had dial-up internet. Which meant it took about 25 minutes to download one song, forget watching youtube or videos online or anything. Since I now have wireless highspeed, I've really discovered the internet. Worse then that, I've finally caved and discovered "The Hills" on MTV.

The cast of The Hills

I fought against watching this show for years even though all my girl friends were obsessed with it. When I was sick last week, I figured out that I could watch full episodes on mtv.com, and the rest is unfortunate history. The new season premiered last night, and I'm ashamed to admit I watched the whole episode. Even worse than that, I'm interested in seeing what happens next now. This is a very un-welcome distraction when I should really be bucking down and doing my school work.


  1. Welcome to the club...what a guilty pleasure. I watched both episodes on mtv.ca. Even though it's fake I've been watching it since day one.

  2. Ashamedly I love the Hills too (and the City). Unfortunately I can't watch them here in Holland, and I'm trying to find them online somewhere!

  3. H,
    I can watch the full episodes here off of mtv.ca That might still work for you in Holland too.

    Its such a guilty pleasure now, especially the clothes and the hairstyles. I've tried copying Lauren's stupid side braid so many times, but it just does not look right in my hair.