Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10 Day Challenge - Day 7: Wants

Happy February! I googled the phrase "Happy February" but aside from cupid and hearts, this is the only other picture that came up. Frankly, I try to avoid a lot of the sappy Valentine's stuff that is associated with February (blame that on my being perpetually alone - no bitterness or anything) so I went with a nice beach scene instead.

It's actually somewhat appropriate since we are currently having one of the warmest winters on record. Mind you, it's not beach weather by any means - but no snow and a light jacket this time of the year is very impressive.

Day 7 of the 10 Day challenge is "Wants". This one seems a bit superficial to me. Just saying.

7. I want my future to work out the way I picture it in my head. Probably not going to happen exactly like that, but a girl can dream

6. I really really want a money tree. Yup. That would solve a heck of a lot of problems.

5. Since we're a little on the superficial side, I also really really want a Burberry raincoat. Anyone have a spare $1,500 that they don't need?

4. I want to find Prince Charming.

3. I want health and happiness for my family and friends. There, this one makes me feel better about wanting the raincoat and Prince Charming.

2. I want to find a job.

1. I'm going to leave this one blank, I know exactly what I want most of all right now - but it's not open for public viewing just yet.

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