Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Day Challenge - Day 5: Foods

mmmmm food. I was waiting for the Day 5 challenge to arrive

5. Pizza - my ultimate comfort food, I could eat it day or night

4. Pasta - again, I'm ALL about the carbs. Only problem is that I'm always hungry about an hour after a giant pasta meal. Not good.

3. Veggies - but raw. I eat cooked veggies like your average toddler (speak: barely any) but will eat almost any vegetable raw with dip. A good example: The smell of cooked cauliflower makes me gag, but I love eating it raw.

2. Schnitzel - Oh I loves me some good ol' German food. It's like a pork chop, but a thousand times better. Usually served with roasted potatoes.

1. Cheesecake - The only sweet that made it onto my list. I've become less and less of a sweet eater the older I get, but I have a serious weakness for a good cheesecake. 

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  1. I sooo wish we had a German or Austrian restaurant near me!