Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 Day Challenge - Day 8: Fears

8 fears seems like a bit much, but we'll see how far I get

1. My biggest fear is definitely fire. House fires to be exact. The sight of a camp fire or fireplace doesn't send me into hysterics - but the one and only time I've actually seen a house fire, it wasn't pretty.

2. I suppose this explains number 1 a bit better, I'm terrified of losing material things that are important to me.

3. Flying. I've gotten much better the older I get, but there was a time not too long ago when even a month before a scheduled trip I would have nightmares and the smallest thing would send me into hyperventilating panic attacks. Not to mention the actual flying experience itself. I can't even count the amount of times that I hysterically sobbed my way through take-off.

4. Cancer, feel like this disease has touched so many people and ruined so many lives.

5. Open water. This one definitely needs some explanation. It's not the open water exactly that freaks me out, it's seeing things in the horizon. Still not clear? For example in movies when they show those giant oil rigs in the middle of the ocean (think the beginning of Armageddon) it scares the hell out of me. Giant shipping containers also do it. I think it's some deep-routed fear of falling off something large into water. That being said, I also find nothing more terrifying than an empty swimming pool - so perhaps it is the water..

6. Sunflowers. Anyone reading this is probably frowning in confusion right about now. What can I say, I have weird fears. Snakes and spiders I can handle - but sunflowers freak me out. There's something about the giant black spot in the middle, it's not right.

7. In recent years I've developed a bit of a fear of heights, but I think it's the initial leaving of solid ground. Observation decks for example, I'm perfectly fine once I'm up there, and even the ride back down is fine - but going up such a high elevator scares me.

8. Death. In that typical I-know-it-will-happen-one-day kind of way. There's no stopping it, and sometimes I picture myself in my late 80's or 90's and it's scary.

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