Friday, March 20, 2009

My #7 Favourite Place: Frankfurt, Germany

First off, I have to admit I'm a little biased when it comes to Frankfurt (and Germany in general). I was born and spent most of my childhood there. Frankfurt on its own is not the prettiest city in Germany, but the village where I grew up is beautiful. I'm not saying its not worth the trip to Frankfurt, it is just very business oriented (the banking capital of Europe) and very grey and full of concrete buildings. As with most european cities, it does have its history and its charm, and a wonderful river that runs through it.

This brings me to the town where I grew up. Imagine the typical German town in your mind, that's pretty much what it looked like. Old castle, cathedral, ancient houses, beautiful gardens.

A bit of the village

This is the castle and church in the background. These days it stands primarily empty and houses museums and some municipal offices.


  1. Wow...aren't you glad that you were born and raised in a beautiful village? I've been to Munich and it was not too bad.

  2. I haven't made it down to Munich yet, but I've always wanted to.

    Its strange, I never really apprechiated where I lived until I moved away, now everytime I go back I fall in love with it all over again

  3. Hi Ella,
    nice site! I agree about Frankfurt being a cool city - underrated by most Germans but totally cool.
    Would you be interested in listing my blog if I list yours?