Sunday, March 29, 2009

Looks like I may have spoken a little too soon..

Although I do have my precious laptop back, it crashed on me again last night, so this morning I went out and bought an external hard drive and backed up ALL my files, so if (or rather when) it crashes beyond repair, at least I won't lose everything.

To be honest I'm a little afraid of using it now, and I have this panic that it will crash on me when I'm in the middle of writing papers or exams. But, I suppose I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

I know I've been a little MIA this last week, but I'm still in the midst of my summer plans.

Manhattan Skyline as taken from the Staten Island Ferry

My friend L and I have been busy planning our trip to NYC in August, although this year she says she wants to see the Museum of Natural History. I agreed, but I'm really not much of a museum person. Has anyone been there and can recomend specific exhibits or rooms to see that are interesting? I've been through a couple of guidebooks to find other things to do, I'm thinking of the firefighter museum. I've done most of the typical touristy stuff in New York (Empire State Buidling, Central Park etc) so I'm looking for more unique or off-the-wall things.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


  1. Spend some time in Brooklyn. Also, if you love burgers, you should go to the Burger Joint in the Parker Meridian.

    <3 your blog. I plan on traveling the world sometime. Maybe you can give me some tips for when I go to Europe next summer.

  2. Hi Diana!

    I think we're going to do a small tour of Coney Island this year and I've ver excited about that :)

    Thanks for the tip about the burger place, I must check that out.

    I can definitely give you tips about Europe! Where are you thinking of going?

    Thanks so much for your comments about my blog!

  3. Coney Island is indeed a great idea! Take the subway & violĂ ! Diana's suggestion about the Burger Joint is a great suggestion too! I am hopefully going to be going to NYC this September with my Dutch mother-in-law. It's a maybe, up in the air right now, but we'll go for sure by the end of 2010. I wish I had a few good suggestions, but I don't unfortunately. My last time in NYC, I managed to do a lot of walking around, which exposed me to some unique finds.

    Good luck with your laptop!

  4. Thanks Isabella! So far the laptop is pushing on, no other crashes to speak of *knocks on wood*

    I love taking the subway and walking in New York, its so easy and so simple.

    Good luck with NYC in september, the fall is a great time to go, the weather is generally still nice out and its a lot less crowded.