Thursday, March 19, 2009


If I didn't love to travel so much, I think I would boycott airlines all together. As I mentioned a few days ago, there were tentative plans to spend some time in Ireland this summer, WELL the "sale" that my national carrier was having "until march 31st" decided to change their 40% off sale to end yesterday for flights to europe. Not only did the sale end, the prices even went up from the original pre-sale prices! Imagine an increase of almost $500!

So that option is now out, and I spent countless hours searching for other alternatives last night. It still boggles my mind how expensive trans-atlantic air travel is! If anyone has another alternative or some miracle website I haven't found, I'd be more than greatful.

I've always wondered if people actually pay the $3000+ to fly first class, as if the $1200 for economy isn't bad enough. Why, oh why does air travel have to be so expensive? Its times like this I wish I still lived in Europe (or, lived in Europe again). RyanAir is the best airline in the world. Inexpensive and amazing and you can get pretty much anywhere on the continent.



  1. Are you talking about Air Canada? I hate that airline.

    My friend is in Ireland now. She took the plane to London then to Ireland. Maybe it'll be cheaper this way.

  2. Yeah AC and I hate it too! Especially now. But I'm not giving up yet.

    Thanks for the tip about London, I'll check that out :)

  3. and it's even worse here in the Philippines - we have only so few options on air travel then add the standard-of-living problem and what do you get?

    Middle-middle-class people like my family don't get to travel outside the country a lot - so we try to limit it to local sites (but sometimes we disappoint ourselves)