Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tweet Tweet ..Twitter?

I'm such a band-wagon jumper. Like really. You name the technological fad of the last decade and I've probably been a part of it. ICQ - check. MySpace - check. Facebook - check. Twitter - fail.

That's right.

Of course I joined Twitter last year when it first became really popular. I hated it. I think I managed a whole 12 "tweets" and then gave up.

Lately I've noticed a Twitter-Expansion in the blogosphere with new Twitters popping up all over the place. So once again Bandwagon-Ella is resurfacing in the Twitter-world.

I deleted my old account and I'm making an attempt to start anew.

Right now my Twitter page looks very sad without any followers. Mind you, I haven't followed anyone yet either. In fact, I'm still figuring out the whole Twitter-process.

Will you follow me


  1. If an "alicany" starts following you, don't be creeped out! It's only me. :)

  2. Yay mmy first follower!

    Thanks hun! :)

  3. I would, but I have enough distractions from life with Facebook and Blogger.

    I haven't picked up this fad....yet....but if I do, I will let you know

  4. great! i'll send you a tweet. ;)