Friday, March 5, 2010

20+10 in 2010 Update – The Quest for Tea

Blog Status: Ella is having a very hard time concentrating on her work today

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I’ve started my quest to like Tea. My co-workers ALL drink Tea so today they gave me a sort of Tea-tutorial. I’m now sitting at my desk with a mug of Harris Orange Pekoe” tea with cream and sugar. Some said cream was good, others said milk would have been better. One swears by sweet and condensed milk (but that’s just too sweet for me). Some said 2 sugars was way too much, others said 1 sugar wasn’t enough.

To me it tastes just like every other cup of tea that I’ve ever tried. I’d probably give this a 5/10. It’s a little bitter for my taste ( I went with one sugar and 2 creams) so maybe milk and 2 sugars would have been better.

What I’ve noticed so far is that there are A LOT of different opinions when it comes to tea. Even if it’s the same flavor, then the brand is important.

I’m of the “hot-chocolate” variety, and it’s so much simpler. The only real discussion there is whether to add milk or water.

I’m still working on finding a flavor and combination that I like


  1. I drink Apple Cinnamon tea from Timmy's. Two milk, two sweetener. It's actually pretty good, I don't find it as bitter as most other teas.

    Just another suggestion to think about.

  2. I'm a hot chocolate girl too! Good luck with the tea thing!!

  3. you will get there eventually :)

  4. I drink decaf tea with 2 milks and umm..well, LOTS of sugar. Regular tea and flavoured ones just don't do it for me. However, earl grey once in a while isn't too bad either.

  5. I love tea, at the moment I'm sipping my green yasmin tea : ) Yummy : )