Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Splish Splash Spring.. Splurge?

Blog Status: Ella is loving the fact that the days are getting longer - Spring is coming!

Even though it’s still pretty cold and yucky looking around here, I’m actually very excited for Spring to finally arrive. We’ve been pretty lucky this winter and (so far) have not had many major snow storms. The little snow that we do have coupled with mild temperatures means that there is slush and mud everywhere. I practically ruined my Uggs last week wearing them in during a snow storm. With a little love and care they now only bear a few battle scars. All this got me thinking of something.

I’ve been wanting rain boots f-o-r-e-v-e-r. I just love all the pretty colours and designs they always come in. Rain boots would be SO practical this time of year as they wouldn’t get dirty as easily and any mud could simply be wiped off. I know what you’re all thinking – “okay Ella so go buy Rain Boots”

WELL my problem is this. I’m in L-O- V-E with a specific pair of boots. I’ve been quietly lusting over these boots for a few years now, and this is probably the reason why I haven’t bought another pair yet either.

I totally completely heart Burberry Rain Boots. The Real thing. The $213 thing. Even typing out that ridiculous amount is a little painful so I can only imagine how much it would hurt to actually spend that. I’ll admit that I have a thing for labels, but to this date I’ve never spent that much on any one item. I tend to buy most of my designer clothes/accessories in outlets or on sales so I get away with spending a LOT less.

I have this completely idiotic wonderful vision in my head of being able to splash through puddles to my heart’s content wearing Burberry Rain Boots.

The sensible side of my brain is telling me that no vision is worth over $200 for rubber boots.

But Aren't they pretty?

Do I splurge or do I stay sensible? What would you do?


  1. While the boots are very cute I have to go with stay sensible. By a pair of look a likes and spend the $180 on other beautiful things :)

  2. Ok as a rule I'm not a fan of the rain boots. This trend just hasn't gotten me yet. BUT....
    ....Those are adorable!

    C is not going to like you for starting this...

  3. Oh my gosh! those are so cute! I am not the one to ask about shoes. I say go for it, but I also know that there are other adorable boots out there for a lot less than $200.

    I do lub me some burberry though!

  4. Ella. You NEED them.

    Look how sturdy they are!! the bottom of them looks like it would last FOREVER.

    You know the materials are going to be amazing quality.

    They will make you feel amazing.

    Its a life long dream- you owe it to yourself.


    They are under $500 so its not THAT big a deal (eek)

    If you buy them you will have them for minimum 10 years. so... you could either spend $50 a year on a new pair and waste $500 over that period of time or SAVE money and just buy these now!!

    Is that enough Justifying for you? :)


  5. You SPLURGE!! The over $200 that I spent on my Uggs a year and a half ago was the best decision I ever made! I freaked over the cost and agonized over the decision to get them before hand, and you know what? I wear them ALL the time. I've never regretted it! And NOW I absolutely MUST get a pair of these Burberry boots! Rain boots!?! How practical! It rains at least once or twice a week so think of all the use you'd get out of them!

  6. Get them, girl! That's what I would do at least. I mean, life is short, why does it always need to end up with "NO" answer??