Sunday, March 28, 2010

A post of Random Updates on a Lazy Sunday

Blog Status: Ella is L-O-V-I-N-G lazy sundays!

That's right, it's Sunday and I don't have a thing to do right now. I'll even let you all in on a little secret - I'm still in bed. Not in any dirty way of course, more in an Ella-is-relaxing-and-the-most-effort-she's-put-in-today-was-saying-hello-to-her-kitty-and-grabbing-her-laptop-before-crawling-back-into-bed kind of way. Did all that make any sense?

I'm watching the Food Network, which I absolutely adore. Even though I don't cook I enjoy watching others cook. I know, a little hypocritical right? It always makes me want to try cooking. Without fail I wander into the kitchen with grand ideas of making a whole amazing meal from scratch - and ultimately end up making a bowl of cereal or kraft dinner. Not good Ella. Not good.

I feel like I've been very random with my posts the last few weeks. I'm happy that I have been posting, but I think the topics and content of said posts has been quite sporadic.

Last weekend I had a bunch of friends over for a St. Patrick's Day Party. It was good times. Very good times. I've had the same group of friends for many years now. Some have come and gone over the years for various reasons, but my current group has been steady for a few years now. It's always good when everyone gets together because as our lives all get busier, there is less and less time to catch-up.

Yesterday my mom and I did a little spontaneous cross-border shopping. I've mentioned before how much I love going to Buffalo to do some shopping. Yesterday my love was once again re-affirmed:

I have a wedding to go to in early May. Since I just bought a new party-dress before Christmas, I really couldn't justify ANOTHER one. BUT, I have a classic LBD (Little Black Dress) and a white belt that goes well together with it. So my idea was to do a very classic Audrey-Hepburn type outfit. Black dress, white belt, pearls and red shoes. Can't you just picture it?

Well, I found amazing red satin pumps in Buffalo...for $14.99! I'm thinking now I should have bought them in the hot pink, black and leopard print too - maybe next time. But seriously, $14.99? Even if I only wear them that one time they will pay for themselves. And they're so pretty. Maybe I'll post a picture of them.

I think that's probably enough updates for now. I hope you've all had an awesome weekend across the blogosphere!


  1. gosh, isnt watching the food network great! even though its clear you will never be able to cook anything they make its nice to watch.

    shoes for that cheap! wow. but red will be enough, too many choices can get overwhelming :)

  2. LOVE Sundays too! In my book, they're the days to do absolutely nothing. So good work on that! :)