Monday, March 8, 2010

70's & 80's Music Love

Blog Status: Ella is spending time in the 70's & 80's on her iPod


Good Morning! I think I’ve finally figured out the secret to keeping up-to-date on my blogging. Banking posts while I’m at work for the day. I’ve started a pattern of e-mailing my blog posts to my personal e-mail address from my work address and then copying them into blogger when I get home. A little on the corrupt side? Maybe. But I figure since I’m not a smoker, there’s about 30 minutes in a day that I have to work when they’re all out in “smoke breaks”, so I’m taking short “blogging breaks”.

The topic of this post is all about music. My new iPod is 16G so needless to say it holds a LOT more music than my old 4G one did. Because of this I’ve been able to rediscover a lot of old music. I think I’ve fallen in love with the music of the 70’s and 80’s. I used to wave it off as being disco music that wasn’t worth listening to, but now I’m so in love.

I think one of my favourite songs of all time is Pat Benatar’s “We belong” or Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven is a Place on Earth”. I just love the fast disco beat of these songs and the messages just make me think of by-gone times of leg warmers and athletic gear. It doesn’t even feel retro to me because I came of age in the 90’s Era (I’ll save that for a different music post).

I’ve also recently discovered the rock and roll side of the 70’s and 80’s with bands like Guns N’ Roses (“Welcome to the Jungle”) and Boston (“More than a feeling”). I think the older I get the more my music tastes are broadening from the pop music I loved for so many years.

So now fellow bloggers, I’m opening up my iPod to all of you, what 70’s and 80’s music do YOU suggest?


  1. Wait, are you not allowed to go on Blogger during your lunch or something? Pre-schedule those bad boys, lady!

    LOVE the 80s. That includes the leg warmers, crazy perms and the music.

  2. I go out for lunch with a friend lol, there's no windows in my office - I need the fresh air

    I sneak onto Blogger during the day sometimes, but I'm always afraid of IT tracking my activity

  3. "I think we're alone now" by Tiffany probably has to be one of my favourite songs from the 80's. Then obviously anything from the Grease or Dirty Dancing soundtrack. I could probably go one forever.

  4. Chicago....they're kinda timeless. Colour My World was the song that my parents danced to at their wedding, so it's always been my favorite!

  5. I still have my old 4G IPod, so lucky you! : ) I don't love 70's and 80's but Gloria Gaynor "I will survive" is definitely one of my favourite pieces ever!

  6. Welcome to the Jungle. Classic!

    I love all the oldies rock, but that could be because my parents listened to that stuff when I was little. AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin. And of course, later on, Bon Jovi :)