Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am currently obessed with..

iTunes! (call it delayed happiness perhaps)

I've had iTunes for probably about 4 years now, but only last night did I truly discover it's amazing-ness. About 2 years ago I recieved a $40 iTunes gift card for my birthday which I never bothered using.
I'll be honest, I download music. I know - bad right? Shame on you Ella! I justify it because I don't download movies, only songs. Why would I want to waste money on a whole CD when I really only want one or two songs. Anyway, point is, I never considered the iTunes Store.

Yesterday I was cleaning out a drawer and found the gift card. I was curious as to whether it would even still be valid, so I loaded the credit into my iTunes. Turns out, it was. All of a sudden I had access to a whole world of movies, tv shows and podcasts.

After a quick browse of the instruction book, I also figured out that I could load said movies, TV shows and podcasts ONTO my iPod. 20 miutes later I had an episodes of Friends, Sex and the City and Grey's Anatomy loaded onto my iPod.

Tonight I discovered Podcasts. Free Podcasts. There are so many to choose from that I didn't even know where to start. I discovered a channel all about Europe and travel, which completely appeals to me. Right now I have 11 Podcasts on different European cities downloaded.

What else is good? What do you recommend? I feel like I've been missing out on this trend and now I'm so anxious to play catch-up!

I'm in love. I actually can't wait for work when I can put my headphones in at work and listen to Podcasts WHILE doing my actual work. Talk about multi-tasking!


  1. I need to figure out these podcasts. People rave about them!

  2. I still haven't discovered ITunes. Yeah, podcasts sound intriguing! : )