Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back to School - Winter 2011 style!

For any of you that live in warm climates (or climates that currently have summer) I envy you! Today I aw bright sunshine and blue skies with not a cloud in sight. You're probably thinking, "ooh pretty, must be nice outside" ....I wish.With the windchill the exact temperature in my area is currently -17 degrees Celsius.Thanks to Online Conversion that works out to 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, pretty freaking cold. My feet were cold even in my Uggs. That should tell you something.

To go right along with the weather, I had my first "Methods of Social Science" class today. This class is supposed to teach me how to teach Social Science. The teacher seems to be pretty awesome, except for one small thing. Today (see above paragraph for temperature) he decides that we need to get to know the area around the school - so he spilt us up into 2 groups, and sent us out to explore for 20 minutes. Outside.


It was brutal.

That's been the highlight of my school week so far. The first day of a new class is pretty much the same across the board. Talk about course expectations. Do pointless self-introductions. Review syllabus. And go walking through a sub-division in sub-zero arctic temperatures. Apparantly.

On a very different (and positive!) note, Kelly over at Kelly's Avenue is looking for guest bloggers for next week! You can write about anything, and she would be very apprechiative. Go check out her blog and e-mail her if you're interested!

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