Monday, June 1, 2009

A little bit of random

Its finally June! And it occured to me this morning that I leave for Europe 3 weeks from today! Which is both awesome and terrifying because I have so much to do before I leave.

The weather is celebrating the arrival of June accordingly - about 12 degrees and cloudy. Go figure.

I got excited last night because Air Canada finally updated their movie schedules for the flights so I've already made a list of movies I want to watch on the flight to Dublin. My number 1 pick is "The Reader" but I'm also considering "Gran Torino" They're also showing "Bride Wars" and "He's just not that into you" both of which I've seen, but also good choices.

Any suggestions?

Also, on the more random side, the trailer for "New Moon" (the 2nd Twilight book) was released last night - and I have to admit I'm impressed. I loved the books but hated the first movie, but this
preview looks promising. I was never a "Jacob" fan in the books, but after this preview - I might be coming around a little.


  1. Enjoy Canada. Over the flight for my memorial day trip to Montreal, they played Bride Wars. I am excited for New Moon!

  2. awwww how exciting! i've always wanted to go to europe..going there for vacation? and i've seen gran torino and bride wars from your list...gran torino i've watched three times! i give it 5 stars! bride wars.. its your typical romantic comedy, i enjoyed it! :) he's just not that into you..ive heard mixed reviews.. a lot of people enjoyed it because of all the popular stars but a lot also said its long and draggy. Hope that helped! :)

  3. Gran Torino is one of my all time favorite movies...I'd recommend it hands down. Clint Eastwood is still a stud, even when he's pushing 80 years old. :)

  4. flight to Dublin?! Lovely! I've heard Gran Torino is amazing, and I bet the reader is awesome... but when I'm on flights I always want a silly / comedy movie. So even though it's probably bad, I would watch Bride Wars :)

  5. I didn't care for The Reader. I thought I would LOVE it because of the the reviews (and not to mention the Oscars) but it was not what I expected. It wasn't bad just not as great as I thought it would be. (and there is ALOT of nudity in it so if you feel uncomfortable with others around you maybe not the best option)
    Haven't seen Gran Torino heard it is really good though :)

  6. I am so with you on the whole Jacob thing! He looks mighty fine in that movie!

    Europe! how exciting! take lots of pictures-and have fun!

  7. oh ella ella! i envy you! i cannot watch movies on planes. which sucks because it takes me like a bazillion hours to fly home from Japan. but I cant! i just cant pay attention. and they always have such good movies too, dammit!

    oh twilight. dont much like the books. the movies are ok. but the soundtrack is awesome! and everyone loves a little bit of edward, right? woo hoo!! <3

  8. @ McSass - ooh i know me too, november can't come soon enough haha

    @ Kym - i'm going for a bit of vacation and also to visit my family in Germany, i'm so excited!

    @ Sarah The New Girl - hmm that's true, i didn't really think of it but i prefer happy movies on flights too

    @ Jordan - i couldn't believe how much he bulked up for the movie, but wow that preview of him with no shirt on impressed me

    @ sarah - haha, why can't you pay attention to movies on planes? that's all i can do because i can't sleep. How many hours is it from Sapporo to home for you?

    @ everyone - thanks for all your comments! It looks like Gran Torino or Bride Wars may win out after all those postive reviews

  9. Hey, Ella, so the big moment is coming! I'm happy for you! The planes in Europe do not show any films at all, the distances are too short so I'm envious you can make the list of films you'd like to see : ) I saw the Reader, it's VERY good : )

  10. Dublin is awesome!!! I went there in February with my "family", and we all loved it!! I'm sure it's going to be beautiful in the summer!! Hope you enjoy it loads!!

    I've tagged you btw ;)

  11. You're funny ... picking movies before the flights!

    I might steal that idea next time I fly ...

  12. Hey Lovely.

    The reader is a fantastic movie. It made me cry. I would recommend that!and yes NEW MOON looks amazing. I can't wait to see it. I'm already planning on attending the premiere in Los angeles.

    By the way, I just tagged you in my last blog!

  13. It takes about seven years for me to get home!!! And last time I flew, this old Chinese man fell asleep on my shoulder! How sad?!

  14. @ Jo - thank you so much! i'm so excited and you can bet i'll be taking lots of pictures and writing travel journals

    I'm still so torn about the movies - ahhh

    @ Mazzie - i've heard so many good things about Dublin, unfortunately i'm only there for 3 days so i have to cram A LOT into that

    @ Miss Rosa - its sad really haha, i've been checking the AC website for days now hoping the schedule would change. Its a 6 hour flight and i plan on occupying myself for all of it haha

    @ My Wooden Heart - omg you don't know how jealous i am of you going to the premiere! make sure to take LOTS of pictures and report back!

    @ sarah - awwww, i can so see that happening to you too haha