Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Emerald Isle - Part 1

I'm not dead. Just been having a blast in Ireland! Today is my last day here and later on I fly to Germany to see my grandparents for a few weeks. I haven't done the whole flikr thing yet, so these pictures are just a sample of what I've taken so far.

Now, Ireland. OMG I love it! And the weather has been FANTASTIC! Even the receptionist says this is unusual. We've been here 3 days and it has been bright, sunny and warm the whole time! Not a drop of rain in sight! We arrived tuesday morning after an uneventful flight. Our room wasn't ready yet so we checked out the area and then had breakfast. I'm in love with the idea of an Irish Cooked Breakfast. Bacon, eggs, toast, sausages. Mmmmmmm.

This is post part 1, mainly Dublin city and the sights I've seen there. Yesterday we did a tour to lovely Malahide Castle and the surrounding coast lines, which were absolutely stunning! But those will have to wait for another post in a few days.

I'd like to thank you all so much for your warm wishes about my trip! It really touched me when I logged onto blogger this morning and saw so many wonderful comments! Also to my new followers that I've gained, welcome and thank you all so much! I promise to catch up and read all your blogs in the coming days!

Outside of Dublin Castle, now used as Government offices

Dublin Castle, one used as "Ladies waiting rooms"

Dublin Castle, Throne Room. The last person to sit here was in 1911

Temple Bar area of Dublin, pedestrian zone with lots of pubs and restaurants

Henry Street shopping area

The River Liffey

O'Connell Steet, main street Dublin, momument of famous Dubliner killed in rebellion

Parnell Street, location of hotel
Look for Part 2 of "The Emerald Isle" to follow!


  1. wow! it looks so beautiful!!
    were you incredibly tempted to sit on that thrown?
    if i was the night security guard i think i would sit on it... just for fun :)

  2. sounds like you are having a great time! it's crazy, for the past 4 days we have had unbelievably good weather here too...i think you definitely arrived in europe at the right time! looking forward to seeing more of your pics!

  3. I look forward to seeing more, but time sure flew! I'm glad you're having such a great time :-) I'm being reminded lately to post up some of my trip to Dublin as well!

  4. Looks beautiful! Ireland has always been a dream detination!!

  5. Top o the morning to youououou!!!

    Jealous jealous tralalaaaaa!!! Looks freaking fabulous!! Can't wait for more pictures!

  6. Ella! i totally missed your 'going away' posts as i just came back from vacay! glad to know that you're doing really well and enjoying yourself! i think weather's been 'unusual' everywhere! when i was in florida and new orleans, all the locals said it was unusually extra hot this time of year...

    but ahhh! so jealous that you're in ireland and going to germany and other places! have a blast, can't wait to hear more! :)

  7. Ireland looks awesome. I never been there and am not sure what to visit. But you made Ireland a whole lot more interesting.

  8. Ahh, love the pictures! I've never been to Europe so I'm living vicariously through you. Hope that's okay!

  9. Beautiful pictures!
    Happy to hear your having a blast!

  10. Oh these pictures really made me miss Dublin :) SO GLAD you were able to enjoy amazingly beautiful weather; I've never heard of such a thing in Dublin!! Enjoy Germany!!!

  11. Thanks so mcuh for all your comments everyone! Hopefully I'll get to posting part 2 tomorrow or sunday at the latest!

    Hope you all have a great weekend around the world!

  12. Ella, it looks marvellous! You must have had wonderful sightseeing accompanied by sunny weather, there's nothing more to wish for! : )