Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6 things!

I was tagged by Mazzie over at In The Inner Mind and My Wooden Heart at My Wooden Heart in the "6 things" tag - so I figured, why not?! Thanks girls! Everyone: If you haven't checked out their wonderful blogs, you definitely should!

The rules are for me to list 6 unimportant things that make me happy. I have to be honest, this list was hard to compile, I consider most things that make me happy to be important haha.
So here goes:

1. Canadian Geese - now I know this seems wierd, but I love them. These Geese tend to travel in packs and conjugate in the strangest places. My university campus was full of them. I'd see them walking around campus in groups of 3 or 4 just like students. They are actually quite vicious, so I've never actually touched one, but I can always admire from afar. To learn more about the Canada Goose, go here

2. MSN Messenger - alright so this may have a little more to do with the people (or person) I talk to on it most often, but I still think it applies. I'm sure you're all familiar with it and have probably used it at one time or another. In the grande scheme of things, its pretty unimportant, but that annoying little "ding" sound makes me happy.

3. My hair straightener - a little on the frivolous side, but on days when my hair really does not want to cooperate, I'm tremendously thankful for this little invention.

4. Sunshine - Not exactly unimportant, but I always feel happier when its sunny and warm outside.

5. Paper Shopping Bags - I've never actually shopped at Dior or pretty much any of the fancy stores on the bags in the picture, but whenever stores have paper shoppers with their logos on the front, I get excited and happy. I'm also ashamed to admit, that I have a plastic tote full of paper shopping bags that I've collected over the years that I can't bring myself to throw away.

6. Uggs - They've been "out of style" for years, and it hasn't stopped me yet. I know they're ugly, but they are sooo comfy and warm and I love them so much. Very unimportant, but so very very good.

I'm supposed to tag 6 other people and let them know, but I can't pick just 6 so if you feel like doing it - you're all tagged!


  1. Yay yay for the hair straightner!! Without it I would never leave the house :)

    And uggs are still ridiculously popular in japan! We all swear by them in the blizzardy season.

    I'm so excited for your European photos!

  2. the uggs are the same here, everyone wears them - i dont think i could survive the canadian winters without them anymore haha

    you can bet i'll be taking tons of photos this summer! :)

  3. I love Uggs...never had a pair but I have a similar brand boots-Emu.

  4. Hair straightner! I can never live without it as well.

  5. haha yes...geese i can only admire from a far. straightener...very important although i dont use it much nowadays because i got my hair permanently straightened for convenience! :) and yes, sunshine DEFINITELY brightens up my mood! :)

  6. Meh, Uggs are not my thing.. Neither are geese actually. We have loads of them on campus too, and they are mean! Not as mean as the ducks though, seriously, the ones on campus are gangsta-ducks!! They think they are awesomely cool and parade over to people and attempt to steal their food. Nooo! Leave it alone, it is mine!!!

    Oh, and I too collect shopping bags!! Nice plastic ones too in fact..

  7. @ Kym - probably a very stupid question: but you can permanently straighten your hair??? i seriously never knew that haha

    @ Mazzie - those sound like the coolest ducks ever! you should take some pictures of them "in action"

  8. Great list! I can't believe you love the geese! haha, but thats cool, still:)