Friday, May 29, 2009

in which I b*tch about sloppy writing

I admit that when I am editing my own papers or writing lecture notes that they often resemble chicken scratch, but if I'm writing something that someone else will have to read, I make a note to be less messy. Or at the very least, LEGIBLE.

I've come across this numerous times in my educational career, as I'm sure have most of you. I'm trying to edit my very last paper ever, and I cannot seem to identify my professor's comments. I can see the underlining and the question marks, but for the actual comments/criticizms, I have no idea what he is trying to say.

Has this happened to anyone else? Aside from asking them what they were trying to say, what have you all done to figure it out?


  1. Yeeeeap, my manager writes like that. I try to decipher it myself first and then give up and just ask her! That’s the only solution I can think of!

  2. Usually my teachers will write on my work and its in cursive and tiny! I'll ask my friends or my mom/dad to see if they can identify it. Hope your doing well!

  3. you know what annoys me... doctors hand writing!! its impossible to read and when you are trying to read over their shoulder about whatever they are making up about your illness you cannot read it... i swear they are just writing stuff like she is back whinging about a cough, i told her it was a chest infection to shut her up...

    i guess people have forgotten how to write because of computers...
    maybe you should handwrite a strongly worded letter to bill gates?

  4. I am a stickler about grammar, so I can only imagine if I had to correct papers I'd go bonkers from that alone! Especially nowadays with spell-check. But the penmanship/doctor combination is my beef. I worked temporarily for a doctor who seemed to write on important documents like he was always in a rush, but I think most doctors write like this. The worst was when the pharmacy would call & ask for an explanation of what he had written ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. @ Al - omg I know what you mean about doctors, I've never been able to read those prescriptions! I honestly wouldn't doubt if they're scribbling stuff like that

    @ Kym and Jordan - ohh its so frustrating, and then of course I feel like the moron for having to ask them to decipher it

    @ Isabella - wow I can't even imagine having to try and explain doctors writing to a pharmacist, I'd be so lost and probably start randomly guessing medications haha

  6. hahaha that happens to me ALL the time. I had this history professor that seiously wrote chicken scratch. I had to go up to him after class and ask repeatedly, "could you elaborate on this comment here?" and point to the illegible mess. Then he'd kind of read it out loud to me, telling me what he wrote, and talk about it. If he had just written a little less sloppy... I used to ask my guy friends to try to read it for me, too. guys write so bad... so it's easier for them to read the bad.


  7. look at your picture! yeah! its cute!

    omg ahahaa yes. i know this feeling. and now, i have to deal with students writing to me in illegible JAPANESE. its like deciphering code

  8. @ Sarah, The New Girl - that's so true about guys writing messy, its so strange! I love how if i actually do ask my professors to elaborate, they look at me like i'm the idiot. Go figure.

    @ Sarah - haha, i thought it was time for a change of picture, and since i can see all of my blog friends, its only fair i finally post a picture of myself :)