Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blog Friendship!

I was awarded the Friendship Award from Jo today! Thanks so much again!

This award came at a great time because the last few days I've really realized how much your friendships mean to me! Its so exciting for me to blog about Shy Boy and to get all your feedback and opinions and it really helps me too!

I value my friend's opinions too, but with you guys I feel I can be more honest and really talk about my feelings without being judged. Does anyone else feel that difference between blog and other friends?

I'm randomly tagging people with this award, hopefully you haven't gotten it yet (I tried to check and make sure) but every single person that reads my daily rants is a great friend of mine and definitely worthy of this award!

I tag:

Shy Boy updates:

I don't really have any at the moment *sigh*

Jo asked me what is going to happen when I leave in 8 days (!!!!) and she has a good point: I don't know.

I'll still have internet access in Germany at my grandparents, but with the 6 hour time difference and him working full time, I don't know how often our schedules will match up, and I think writing him personal e-mails might be a bit much at this stage. I'll have my cell phone with me as well, but at .50cents a message long distance, that could get pricey for 4 weeks.

I'm hoping to maybe squeeze in another movie date this coming week, but we'll see what happens. I'm having a going-away party saturday night that I invited him to, but then all of our friends will be there too, which makes it a little more awkward.

I'd really like him to suggest another movie and not me, but we all know he will be his shy-boy self and probably not do that. Which means it might be up to me again.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!


  1. hmm... can you go out for coffee or something? change it up a bit? ;)

    8 days- I bet your stoked! Have a great time!

    Take Care!

  2. Thank you ever so much for the tag sweetcheeks!! :)

    I bet you're looking forward to holidays!! I'm sure it'll be amazing!! You better keep us updated once in a while, or at least let us know that you haven't died or something.

  3. @ Jordan - I'm soo stoked! I thought of coffee too, but I'm worried because he is so shy that we might be sitting there in silence and it would be awful and awkward, at least a movie provides conversation afterwards

    @ Malin - You're very welcome! And no worries, I will definitely be keeping you updated on my vacation and posting pictures as much as I can :)

  4. Ok so why don't you go for an early movie then coffee so you have something to talk?

    Oh I was just oogling at your favourite places in the world and I visited 4 out of them. But to my defense I did visit Spain just not Begur.

  5. That is true, I might suggest coffee after the movie next time, thanks :)

    Begur is just a small village in Spain anyway, outside of Barcelona. What is your favourite place?

  6. Awww we're official blogfriends :) That's the sweetest thing and has totally made my day!!!

    Well I love reading your blog and I know what you mean about blogfriends compared to other friends. There's less judgment out here on the huuuge internet, and it's YOUR space so you can be who you are without interruptions and I think it's just great.

    Looking forward to more ShyBoy updates and travel ones too. Ack, I have the travel bug so badly and I'm not going anywhere til August! Where in Canada are you from by the way {if you don't mind saying?} and have you lived other places? I'm just curious because I've bounced from Ottawa to England...


  7. good morning ellaaaaaaaa! :) its monday. and i am cheerful. whats up with THAT?!

    i totally think you should send shy boy postcards. when my best friend came to visit me in japan, she came for 2 months and JUST BEFORE she left she kinda started seeing this guy (who is now her boyfriend of almost 2 years!) and they werent official or anything so she was worried about going away for such a long time.
    but she sent him cute postcards and then when she got back they had tons of stuff to talk about.

    how long are you away for?

  8. Sarahhh I love how cheerful you are for a monday morning! Or rather, a sunday night in my time zone haha!

    Hmmmm postcards are a good idea, I may actually do that, mind you then I still have to ask him for his address, which might be a tad awkward.

    I'm gone about 4 and a half weeks! eeeek!

  9. I totally know what you mean with the difference between blog friends and other friends. not that you're hiding anything from other friends, but there are just some things better said in a blog i guess? that sounded nerdy. hahaha! you guys are all amazing... you're a frequent topic in my conversations with my bf. hehe...

    and ooo germany for 4 weeks eh? yeah it might be too mch to be writing each other back and forth at this time... but you know, unless he initiates it then its okay. heehee ;)

    hmmm date ideas... are there any amusement parks you can go to? you wont be sitting and staring at each other the whole time to minimize awkward moments!

  10. awww Thanks for the tag beautiful. And I loveeeeee our blog friendship!!! I like that we can all be ourselves here and never fear about any sort of judgements. you so sweet. Thank you!

  11. Heyy {again haha omg could I BE on your blog more often :P?!} I tagged you in an award on my blog-- I hope you haven't done it already! xo

  12. Thank you so much Ella! Your blog friendship means a lot to me, since you were a part of my blog from the very beginning :)

    I suggest getting a Skype account. That way you and Shy Boy can talk for practically nothing over the internet/phone. I don't know what I would've done without it. I use it all the time to talk to friends back home in Canada.

  13. My favourite places in Europe(cause it's cheaper to travel on your own continent compared to traveling on other continents) are Brno( Czech Republic), Amsterdam(Netherlands), Paris/Cannes(France), Milano/Como(Italy), Stockholm(Sweden) and Istanbul(Turkey).

    Gah those are so many!

  14. Thanks for stopping by! Nice to 'meet' you!

  15. Without sounding complete weird, if you want to meet while in Bucharest I'd be happy to meet you ^^

  16. it has its good parts and its bad parts. I definitely would recommend seeing the House of People.

  17. yeah.. 50 cents per msg can get costly!! I still have seen Terminator yet speaking of movies. Hope you have fun!