Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rain, rain go away..

I know I owe you all a second Ireland update, but it turns out I find myself with a lack of wifi access here at my grandparents' place. I'm currently using their computer, but my pictures are all uploaded on my laptop. Unless I figure out another solution, the pictures and update may have to wait.

I've gotten used to the daily routine in Germany a little now. Today it has been raining and thundering for the better part of the afternoon, so I've been spending the hours alternating between reading and the internet.

I felt like writing, and I feel bad that I haven't really been able to catch up with all your blogs, which I promise I will do when I get the chance.

I've managed to keep semi-regular contact with ShyBoy so far between msn messenger and the occasional text message, so I'm happy about that. I was going to do the whole post card thing, but then my mother pointed out that it could take almost 2 weeks for the card to get there, and I'm only gone 4 weeks.

This computer uses a "German" keyboard, which has slight differences from the typical North American one I'm used to. For some odd reason the Z and Y keys are switched, which is really messing me up, same with the quotation marks, commas and apostrophes. They are all in different places.

Has this happened to anyone else around the world? How do you cope with different keyboards?

I hope everyone has a great weekend! ..and better weather then I do there!


  1. haha oh man, i'd go crazy with a different kinda keyboard.. i've not come across one yet! glad you're keeping us updated ella! can't wait for more updates and PICTURES!!! hehe! ;P

  2. Who would have thought Ireland would have had better weather then Germany :) Lol I guess it's the luck of the draw..

    And whats the media coverage like over there with Michael Jackson's death?

  3. Danish keyboard annoyed me a whole lot when I visited my husband. But I sort of gotten used to it until I brought my laptop:p

    How's German food?

  4. I automatically set my keyboard now to Dutch & have become used to the placement, but I know your frustration! There are keys I need to use for typing in Dutch & the only way to get it like so was to set it this way, but I wonder if they wouldn't mind if you switched their keyboard over while you are staying? :-)

    Hoping the sunshine visits you there soon!

  5. I love different keyboards... the ones in Spain had lots of extra, fun characters... with accents and squiggly lines over letters and such :)

    thank goodness for texts-- postcards really do take forever!!

  6. wow!!! shy boy!! yay! <3

    when i first moved to japan my emails were illegible. i wouldnt control it. it was like a wild animal!

    and now, when i go home, i cant use a south african one!

  7. Oh mr. shy boy. Good to know you still have contact with him.

    When I went to Europe last year, the only thing I had to cope with is how expensive Internet rates in hotels are. I mean, relatively speaking, Internet from where I'm from is dirt cheap. So I was surprised by how much they charge Internet rentals there.

    I hope you're having a great time there. Show us some pictures! :)

  8. Glad your enjoying your trip! I'm excited for you being there! (if that makes any sense.. o.O)
    also- I read back a few blogs since I've been gone and sounds like shyboy is warming up to you a bit, shoulder touching? hehe.
    Take Care and enjoy yourself!

  9. I used hang out with a German boy who was an international student at my school. Whenever I would use his computer the keyboard drove me CRAZY. It was not that different but just different enough to be REALLY ANNOYING.

  10. Yay! You're alive, haha.

    The weather here (in LA) is SCORCHING. Very, very hot. I almost miss the rain...wanna trade weathers for a day?

  11. Sure, it happened to me too! Several times. The first thing I do when I'm abroad and use a computer is to check how to do the "@" sign... Every country has their own rule about that, have you noticed?? Then in Polish keybord, the "z" and "y" are switched too... Hope the weather is much better today : )

  12. @ Kym - I'm getting used to it slowly but surely, but I've also started going without quotes or apostrophes haha

    @ Canuckitude - The coverage I think is about the same as it would be there, although it didnt reach us here until the next day, and I woke up with a text from Shy Boy going "mj died" ...and at that point I kind of thought "whos mj????"

    @ Bluefish - I love German food haha, its the one thing I miss most from here when Im at home. I'll probably do a food post in the coming days sometime

    @ Isabella - switching the keyboard would be a good idea, but I wouldn't even know how to go about doing that. Besides, I'm half used to this now, that might just confuse me more haha

    @ Sarah the new girl - haha that's so cute I had to laugh at your comment! Its true though too, this keyboard has different letters too

    @ Sarah - Oh I remember trying to use a japanese keyboard in Japan many years ago, holy crap! Nothing ever came out the way I wanted it to haha. I feel your pain!

    @ Jessica - I know, its so expensive. I'm already cringing at how much it will cost me in a few weeks when I'm not at my grandparents' place anymore. Here at least its still free :)

    @ Jordan - aww thanks so much hun! Glad to hear your trip went well too! I still have to catch up on your review hopefully tonight or tomorrow

    @ RCaitlin - Its sooo annoying and I feel like it takes me twice as long to post anything here! ahhhh!

    @ Ali - haha I'm alive and kicking! As of yesterday I totally would have traded weather for anything, but today it was pretty hot here too, its soooooo unpredictable!

    @ Jo - I know what you mean about the @ symbol. I had to have my grandfather show me how to get it like 10 times before I figured it out. Sooo confusing! Today it was nice and hot and no rain, yay :)