Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Victoria Day!

For myself and any fellow Canadian bloggers, today is a national holiday. Victoria Day.

Victoria Day, colloquially known as May Two-four, May Long, or May Run, is a Canadian holiday celebrated on the last Monday before or on 24 May, in honour of both Queen Victoria's birthday and the current reigning Canadian sovereign's official birthday. It has been marked since before Canada was formed, originally falling on the sovereign's actual birthday, and continues to be celebrated across the country on a fixed date and in various fashions, also being considered an informal mark of the beginning of the summer season. As a federal holiday, Victoria Day is a holiday for Quebec; however, the government of Quebec in 2003 made 24 May concurrently National Patriots' Day (Wikipedia).

May 2-4 is the unoffical start of the summer season here where people often go camping or go up north to open their cottages for the year. For those of us who opt to stay in the city/suburbs, it is an opportune time to get together with friends and have parties. This is exactly where I was saturday night. I had a couple close friends over and we played rock band for xbox until the wee hours of the morning.

Today I'm taking it easy and relaxing. I have a fantastic bread pudding recipe I may make later :)

Happy Victoria Day to any fellow Canadians out there who are also enjoying a stat holiday today!


  1. happy victoria day to you too! but the long weekends almost over!! :( thanks for sharing a bit of history, i've been in canada for 10 years and i didn't know that....or maybe i studied it in school and forgot. haha! have a good one :)

  2. Thanks! I know, it always goes by too fast, and here at least it rains at least one of the days every year. What was the weather like for you?

    I didn't know the history bits either, that was courtesy of wikipedia haha

  3. Happy Victoria's Day! I'll be studying at home~

  4. Hello Ella! Happy Victoria Day! I hope you've made the bread pudding and it's delicious! : )

  5. hmm.. thats very interesting! I love Canada!
    Bread pudding? yummy!

    Take Care! :)

  6. bread pudding?! whats bread pudding???? is it good?

    i <3 holidays! yeah yeah they are great!

    thank you for teaching us about canada, ella-bella. you are a good citizen

  7. Happy Victoria Day ;-)

    Also I've awarded you a Great Expat Blog. In your case, travel blog. But it fits! The award is at this blog entry:

  8. Thank you for all your wonderful comments everyone!

    @ Jo and Jordan - I made the bread pudding and it turned out really well :) delicious!

    @ Sarah - ohh its soo good, basically like a mixture of chocolate cake and chocolate pudding put together! I didn't do much of the teaching about Canada, wikipedia helped me with that information :)

    @ Isabella - thank you so much for the award! :)

  9. I'll be in Montreal for this coming weekend. Any suggestions?