Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Life with GG Volume 2

Blog Status: Ella is wishing for less rain and more sunshine in Germany

It's that time again! More Life with GG snippets. In case you're just tuning in now, during my stay in Germany, I'm broadcasting my life with my German Grandmother. GG for short. I preface these segments by saying that I love her dearly and unconditionally, but sometimes she drives me crazy.

If you're at all familiar with the show "Gilmore Girls" imagine a German (and brunette) Emily Gilmore.

The first 2 segments of Life with GG can be found here and here


One thing to know about GG is that time seems to move differently for this woman than the rest of the world:

*Ella getting ready to go out for the day with GG. All dressed and putting shoes on*
GG: Ella! Why are you getting your shoes on already!? We have LOTS of time!
Ella: Oh, okay. *takes off shoes and settles down on the couch with a book*
*30 seconds elapsed time*
GG: Child! Why aren't you ready! We're heading out now! Come!
Ella: ........................


*Setting: In the car. Grandfather (GF) is driving, I'm in the passenger seat and GG is in the back*

GG: GF! Slow down, this is a residential area. You're going to get us all killed! The speed limit is 30 (km/hr)! Ella how fast is your grandfather going?!
Ella: *looks over at the speedometer* ..25


I really need to start carrying a notebook with me. There are so many more conversations I wanted to post, but right now I can't think of any! I'll post another segment when I successfully come up with more stories


  1. I just love how she calls you "child" its hilarious :)

  2. hi ella. aww thankyou for commenting on my baby. it was absolutely lovely to get. thankyou so much!

  3. oh my god, GG really really reminds me of Emily Gilmore! i wish i could meet her.