Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm going to Washington! ( + other news)

Blog Status: Ella is feeling hopefull

I can't believe it's been almost a week since my last post! I was doing so well in March and at the beginning of this month - and then I failed. I've just been so busy lately with work and a friend's upcoming wedding and other things that somewhere along the line my blogging was pushed aside. Fret not, I have returned in full swing.

I'll start off with the obvious news, I'm going to Washington.(D.C that is!) I don't remember if I mentioned it, but my father got re-married back in September and in October his wife was re-located to Washington D.C for work. I've never been to Washington, so my dad invited me down for a long weekend 2 weeks from now. I'm very excited. Although American politics really does not interest me (I'm sorry!), I am looking forward to seeing the White House, Washington's Monument and the National Holocaust Museum.

I know, you're probably all frowning at that last sentence right? I've always had a passion for World War 2 history, and the Holocaust was a big part of that. It's important to me on a personal level.

Anyway, it won't be a long trip. I'm leaving next Thursday (May 6) after work and coming home on Sunday (May 9), but any suggestions for sight seeing are more than welcome!

My other news:

My applications for the American Grad School is finally completed, in 4-6 weeks I should have my answer. I've also recently made some other decisions regarding next year that are also currently underway. All-in-all I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing at the moment.

A friend from High School, Vee, is getting married on saturday. It's exciting because it's the first real wedding that my whole group of friends is invited to, and we're all going! I blogged about her Bachelorette party a few weeks ago, and it went off without a hitch! There were about 10 of us all together, we went out to dinner and then danced the night away.

Oh yes, I should probably also mention my date for the upcoming wedding - A certain quiet gentleman. Yup.

I know I went on a whole rant a few weeks ago about how I was done with the whole situation, and I really did mean it at the time. It just seems that everytime something like that happens, more things happen that sway me in the other direction. So I suppose at the moment the whole thing is still-on/back-on/whatever you want to call it.

I think that's it for the important news. Stay tuned for a review (and possibly pictures) of the wedding!


  1. I was a history major and was really interested in learning about WWII and the Holocaust. I actually visited DC just to go to that museum! It's quite sad and kind of leaves you with an upsetting feeling afterwards, but I think it it supposed to, so the museum does a good job in showing the injustice and making an impact on the visitor.

  2. wow!

    I'll be honest, that's one of the main reasons why I'm so looking forward to D.C too

  3. I actually just visited DC! Probably one of my favorite places to go. Absolutely gorgeous! You might be able to catch the cherry blossoms too. I hope you have a blast!

    ShyBoy?! Ahhh I miss those stories! Have fun, Ella :)