Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Meme For Me

Blog Status: Ella is still getting over this darn sinus infection

Happy May Everybody! For the record, I absolutely love this time of year - it's nice enough to bust out the summer wardrobe, but not hot and sticky.

I very badly need to do a post on the wedding this past weekend (read: very very badly) but that's a post that will take a generous amount of time and pictures. For now I just wanted to get out something simple and easy.

It was perfect timing when I signed onto blogger today and saw that the fabulous
Ali had posted a new "meme" and was tagging everyone in it.

1. Who is your style icon? Humm, I tend to look for inspiration in people around me or celebrities, or fellow bloggers! Seriously, if you ever want fashion inspiration Go check out
I am style-ish. Tiffany has the most amazing style - and a shoe collection that would make Carrie Bradshaw jealous!

2. Which is your favorite socialite book? Definitely "Bergdorf Blondes" by Plum Sykes. It's the ultimate NYC Socialite guide. A close second are the gossip girl books

3. Favorite party theme? Humm, probably any type of costume. Halloween is ALWAYS hands-down by far the most crazy and outrageous party.

4. Go to Halloween costume? It's actually a little sad how many trampy totally-appropriate Halloween costumes I have in my closet. Everything from German Beer Girl to ugly French Maid. (I say ugly because it was bought for $5 at a supermarket as a joke - I had to cut about 4 ft off the bottom) But see above question for explanation

5. Extravagance you cannot live without? Ah jeez, I don't have one specific thing, I like all things. Especially all things with labels. Right now I'm hearting Rock and Republic jeans. I'm very hopeful for the Saks Off 5th in Buffalo..

6. Living person you admire? My mom, she's my hero. And my grandfather - he's had an amazing life

7. Greatest fear(s)? Losing the ones I love, and honestly losing the things I love. Fire is probably my greatest fear.

8. Traits you deplore in yourself? Hummm, I'm probably a little too sensitive for my own good - and I trust anyone and everyone.

9. Which talent would you most love to have? I'd love to be able to sing, but sadly I'm completely tone deaf

10. Greatest achievement? For now probably graduating University

Who do I tag? Everyone! If you want to do it - go right ahead


  1. I love Halloween parties, too...that French Maid costume sounds pretty ridiculous. What kind of maid--even a not slutty one--wears an ankle-length skirt? Fun post!