Friday, April 9, 2010

Bachelorette Parties

I know it's been a while since I last blogged, this week has been pretty up-and-down for me both with work and other things, so I really haven't felt much like blogging. I'm very happy that today is the last day of the week and I'm very hopeful that next week will be much better.

Although I do have a lot to write about, I will save that for a later date. Instead, I actually wanted your imput and suggestions on something.

A friend from High School is getting married in a few weeks. It's pretty exciting because my whole group of friends is either in the wedding or at least invited to it. My Bestest is actually a Bridesmaid for this wedding, and she's been put in charge of planning the Bachelorette Party.

Being a good Best-Friend, I've lent my help and suggestions to her, but we're both very new at this. I thought I would open it up to all of you out there. We created a type of Scavenger-Hunt/Checklist of things that V (the Bride) must accomplish the night of the party.

We kept it relatively tame, putting on things like "Find a guy with a bald head, rub it and make a wish" or "Get a white t-shirt ahead of time for the bride to be and a fabric marker and have her get 50 phone numbers from guys on the shirt"

We're going to a local club for the night, so it should be a good time.

What did you/would you do at a Bachelorette Party? Any other games or ideas? Any help is apprechiated!


  1. I went to Crocodile Rock downtown for mine. They made me kiss the first guy I saw....but it was just on the cheek, and I had to dance on the bar in front of everyone! I had to make an accessory/item of clothing out of toilet paper and wear it out of the bathroom, I had to wear my bra on the outside of my shirt for a was crazy and silly but kinda fun!

  2. Those are awesome ideas! Thanks Gidget!

    I've actually been to that place LOL, it was pretty cool. We're going to a club in Mississauga for hers

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