Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cleaning up Blogger

I've only recently jumped back onto the blogging-bandwagon as they say. I spent a bit of time playing around with Photoshop yesterday and I'm really happy with the way the new layout and banner turned out. It's amazing what a girl can accomplish with a little bit of time.

I just spent the better part of the last hour cleaning up my "dashboard" on blogger. I know a lot of bloggers that have switched over to wordpress, tumblr and other hosting sites; but I've always been satisfied with blogger so I don't plan to move anytime soon.

What did do was clean up my reading list. If you are a fellow blogger, you probably also love reading blogs as much as you do writing them - but what do you do when some of your favorite bloggers stop posting? The blogging community is just that, a community. I have made many great friendships in the years that I've been blogging, but I'm noticing now that more and more of my "old standby's" haven't posted in the last 9+ months.

At which point do you accept that they have started a different chapter of their lives and remove them from your reading list? It seems harsh and cruel to do so, but if they have not posted in over a year is there really a chance that they will be returning?

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