Sunday, March 11, 2012

Crafty Gal - Glitter DIY

Okay so it's probably one of the worst post titles ever but it was all I could come up with.

Lately I've become somewhat of a crafts person. You can blame Pinterest for this particular hobby. I was never particularly creatively gifted as a child, I liked to paint and color (and still do) but that's pretty much where my talent ended - until recently. This glitter DIY jar was my first major project - and the idea was courtesy of Tiffany over at I am Style-ish 

It was supremely simple to create, and didn't cause anywhere near the amount of mess that I expected.

The materials:

Mod Podge, Dollar Store glitter, Dollar Store jar

The procedure: 

  • First, line a bowl with tin foil (it makes the clean-up a thousand times easier)
  • Next, add the glitter and mod podge to the bowl. I used a rough 2:1 ratio (meaning twice the glitter for the mod podge). I used a sponge brush (bought at the Dollar Store) to combine the mixture.
  • Lastly, pour the glitter-mod podge mix into the container and swirl it around slowly so that the entire jar is evenly coated.You'll see a lot of white peeking through, don't worry the mod podge will dry clear.

After coating the jar, still wet 

Finished product! 

I took these pictures on my BlackBerry which has a crappy camera, but the finished jar has a nice blue sparkle to it and makes a perfect pen holder.

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