Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun Fridays!

I've decided to join in on the fun over at Jen's blog

The most fun thing about this Friday is that as of yesterday I am officially done with my second semester of teacher's college! It was a brutal semester, and I feel as though I've done more work in the last 3 months then I did in 4 years of University, but I'm proud of myself for pushing through it all. Next semester I have 2 7-week long practicum placements where I'm actually teaching every class ever day, and then - that's it! 

The bestest and I are trying "warm yoga" for the first time tonight. We've been going to traditional yoga a few times a week for the past month, and I've been dying to try hot yoga, but since neither of us have been before, the studio offers a "reduced heat yoga" on Friday nights - which is where tonight will find us. I'm excited but a little scared at the same time. I've heard that hot yoga is amazing, but also that it can be considered a form of torture, so we'll see.

I've off to Rome in 48 hours so there are many things that need to be done before then, but I'm so excited for this trip. Although I've been to Italy a few times, I have yet to see "the eternal city" so this will be an adventure for sure. 

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! 

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