Sunday, February 7, 2010

I heart.. Volume 2

Volume 1 from October can be found here

..I heart that it's still cold enough for my Uggs and scarves and gloves but that it is an unusually snowless winter

..I heart wonderfully scented candles like the "blueberry scone" one I have currently burning in my room

..I heart that he watches chick flicks like "The Holiday" when I'm at home and he's at home just so we can talk about it online at the same time

..I heart cross-border shopping in the USA

..I heart my girlfriends

..I heart picture frames, so much so that I'm running out of places to put them

..I heart the fact that whenever I have a problem he can't solve, he youtubes the answer and sends me the link

..I heart all the mushy-sappy Valentine's day crap (yes crap) in stores. Even though I have no plans, I still heart it all. I'm a sucker for romance, what can I say.

..I heart my bloggy friends

What do you heart?


  1. I ♥ you!! :) You're a great bloggy friend Ella!!

  2. I heart coffee in the morning. Preferably with a gigantic muffin. ;)

  3. hahahahahah crap, yes CRAP... tee hee. thats so very funnnnyyy

    i heart that there will be a new season of the amazing race soooon and we can watch it together on facebook again. haha that was fun


  4. haha Ali took mine I was going to say I heart coffee :)

  5. Ella!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! : )) Hopefully with your Shy Boy! : )