Monday, October 5, 2009

I heart..

..I heart the fact that today was the first day in over a week where it didn't rain

..I heart the term "slushy feelings" (stolen from Emily)

..I heart having slushy feelings

.. I heart the fact that there's a long weekend coming up

..I heart sitting in his car talking about nothing for hours on end

..I heart taking out my UGGS for the first time this season

..I heart waking up with a smile

..I heart "good morning nerd" text messages

What do you heart? Anything! I'm curious!


  1. I heart slushy feelings too! And forehead kisses and creamsicle milkshakes and not having class on Tuesdays! I heart IKEA and the zillions of tealight candles I bought that smell like apples and cinnamon. Also, I heart the new La Senza BEYOND CLEAVAGE bra. Its going to revolutionize my life :)

    I am SSOOO EXCITED FOR YOU and your trip with ShyBoy. Make the moves, okay? Do us all proud!!


  2. I heart waking up with a smile too, and cute little text messages. I heart forehead kisses (as Emily), I herat lying in the sun reading a book, I heart sitting indoors looking at the pouring rain and drinking hot chocolate. But what I heart most of all just now, is the fact that my Prettyface is coming in less than three weeks!! :D

    I'm so glad things are going well between you ans ShyBoy!! :D :D :D

  3. he early morning messages you?? i freaking heart that!! a LOT! good shyboy... good boy


    you should totally download the last episode. wow those two are sooo dumb, i wanted to punch him through my computerrrrr

  4. @ Emily Anne - ooooh I totally heart Ikea too! I will one day decorate an entire space in nothing but Ikea furniture haha. And I'm working that the "make a move" part - don't worry :)

    @ Malin - Awww is he coming to see you? That's so awesome, I bet you miss him bunches! I totally heart being inside (preferably in bed) and listening to the rain - and we sure have enough of it around here these days!

    @ Sarah - heheheh, yea most days when I'm at work I get a text between 8:30 and 9:30 :) Mind you, now that I've said that I've probably jinxed myself haha.

    where do you download the episodes?

  5. aww Ella that was cute!

    I think I'll make my own list of things I heart, you can check them out there :)

  6. I'm totally with you on the slushy feelings, and the Uggs!

    I heart waking up to pouring rain and being able to cuddle into by blankets and go back to sleep

    I heart Coach!

    I heart comfy pants and big sweaters, preferably those that belong to the boy

    I heart random "I Love You" or "Good Morning" ones

    I heart days where the only thing on the "to do" list is to lay in bed and cuddle

    ...I'm a hopeless romantic...what can I say :)

  7. @ Browneyedgirl - It kind of makes you feel good to write it, can't wait to read yours!

    @ Leanne - Oh I heart coach too! And waking up to rain and being able to go back to sleep. I'm a hopeless romantic too, so don't worry!

  8. Wow, he sends you good morning messages huh? Very thoughtful, but still shy, boy. :) I love your "I heart" list. It's so relatable.

  9. I heart good morning text messages too! :p

    And I heart you! Thanks for being so wonderful, Ella!

    Have a great day!

  10. I ♥ Playoff baseball! GO RED SOX!
    I ♥ McFlurry's and a Qtr Pounder after recooping from the flu :)
    I ♥ Puma shoes
    I ♥ pets, and miss having them...
    I ♥ kissing the gf on New Years
    I ♥ seeing the gf smile when she first see's me, when I'm picking her up from work/transit

  11. This is really cute.

    I heart sunshine too. (I just wish it would come back soon)

  12. ELLA!!! I have something for you on my blog! |Go check it out! ;)