Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just saying Hello!

I haven't bogged in 10 days - 10 days! That is to say, I haven't "posted" a blog in 10 days. I do have 2 in draft that I've been working on. At least one of them should be posted this week hopefully.

I wanted to share with all of you why I've been so behind on my blogging. It's not because I don't want to, because I really really do. Rather, I've been doing A LOT of thinking and planning for my future lately. The least of which is applying to Grad School again. I hate the process of applications, and because I'm applying to American schools they need so much more documentation from me. It's all quite taxing and frustrating and there's many times I've wished I could simply pay someone to do the application process for me.

I've also started thinking about Plan B, in case I don't get in. Although it's really more of a Plan A.5 because it also involves me applying and getting in to different places. I'll do a separate post in a few days with my actual plans, but I just wanted all of you to know why I've been so distant lately. There's just been too many thoughts swirling in my head and too many decisions to think of so I've been spending a lot of time by myself just evaluating options.


  1. Miss you! But good for you for taking your future by the reins. Hope to hear from you soon! xo

  2. Sure, we do understand, Ella! : ) Let us know about your decisions as soon as you make them : ) Of course unless it's sth you'd like to hide from us : )

  3. Awww, I have been blogging sporadically myself. I hope you come up with the right decision. I'm planning to take up my MA too, but I'm still not yet fully decided. I don't wanna jump into something I'm not 100% sure of. Take time to think Ella, we're here for you! :)