Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some pictures from Malta and an update on my life

I managed a whole 2 posts in all of March - yikes! I'd like to say that I'm now back in full swing, but that simply isn't true yet. It may not be true until the middle of May at this point, as school is really starting to swallow me up completely. 

I've been home from Malta for almost 2 weeks now and still have not found the time to write about my trip in any great detail. I think I've literally been spending all my free time working. Yuck. Some girls from my class and I have started coming in early before class and staying later just to try and catch up on assignments and lesson plans. 

Aside from school, things with me have been good. Quiet, but good. Last Friday I took a much-needed break from school work and spent the day doing errands and having lunch with the Bestest. It was definitely much needed. I will stop here and head back to my books, but before I go I'll leave you with a few silent images of Malta - and a promise that a post about my trip will follow shortly! 

Downtown Valletta 

Gozo Island

St. Julians

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