Sunday, February 6, 2011

Murphy's Law - The Men edition

..also known as "the ones you'd like to hear from never message you, but the ones you're not sure about don't stop messaging you"

I've met 2 "new guys" in the last 2 weeks. This on its own is actually quite a feat seeing as since ShyBoy and I ended things back in October, it's been pretty quiet around here. Metaphorically speaking. They were both introduced to me by friends, one as a semi "blind-date" and the other completely coincidentally. Both seem like good guys, both have their negatives and both have their positives. I won't go into the back-stories at this time, if anything else develops then perhaps I'll divulge more information.

Nothing is set in stone with either one, they could both (or neither) end up being just friends - and that would be fine too.

My problem?

The one I'm more interested in getting to know is also the one who doesn't seem that eager to get to know me. go figure

Why is it that it always works out that way?

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