Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Groundhog and The Blizzard

..kind of sounds like a children's book doesn't it?

Today is Groundhog Day for those of us in North America. According to folklore, if it's cloudy when the groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, it will leave the burrow, signifying that winter will be over soon. If it's sunny, the groundhog will supposedly see its shadow and retreat back into its burrow, and winter will continue for six more weeks.

We've been having pretty brutal weather here the last little while, and a major blizzard is swirling all around me as we speak. My friend posted this as her status on Facebook last night, I thought it was so appropriate that I had to share it with all of you:

"Listen you bastard groundhog - if you decide that there's 6 more weeks of this crap, I'm going to come up there and drag you out of your hole by your tail... We will practise NOT seeing your shadow until you get it right"

I think that pretty much sums up the general consensus on the weather these days. The bright side is that today is an official snow day for me! My area is being pelted by between 20-30cm's of snow starting last night and continuing throughout the day today. Converted, that is 8-11 inches of the white stuff. All the schools are closed, Universities included - which is quite rare. I'm quite happy to be spending the day at home, catching up on some homework and maybe watching a movie or two cuddled in bed.

For those of you living anywhere near this massive Blizzard (which they tell me is pretty much from Indiana to Massachusets to Ottawa to New Brunswick) and you do have to go out today - be safe driving!

** Just as an update, apparantly it's now been confirmed that the Groundhog did not see his shadow and that spring is on it's way!

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  1. haha I wonder if everyone is doubting Mr. Groundhog today considering there are blizzzards everywhere