Sunday, September 19, 2010

school + love = Glee

Blog Status: Ella is in full school mode!

Good morning bloggers, I hope you've all had a good weekend around the world. Mine was a good balance of quiet and busy, which is exactly the way I like it.

As my status up above says, I'm in complete school mode now. This has to do with 2 things, one being the start of my placement in an actual high school and the other being my new obsession with Glee. I blogged about Glee being my inspiration to pursue Teachers College here and since then that inspiration has grown exponentially.

The complete first season of Glee came out on tuesday, and I'm a little ashamed to admit I actually left for school early in order to be able to stop at WalMart on the way and pick it up. Since then I've been a self-admitted "Gleek". I'm half way through the first season, and determined to finish before the season premier on tuesday. Oh, and I'm completely in love with Will Schuester - just thought I'd point that out.

On friday I had my first taste of a "real" Glee experience. I got to meet my placement school! I was a little terrified, but luckily there are about 6 other people from my classes going to the same school so I wasn't alone. The VP of the school gave us an extensive tour of the school and introduced us to some of the teachers. I haven't stepped foot into a high school since I was in high school, so needless to say it was definitely a trip down memory lane!

I'm both excited and scared to begin working in an actual classroom on tuesday morning. Most likely I'm going to be placed in a history class, which is my main teachable anyway. This semester I have to volunteer a minimum of 75 hours, most of which will be spent observing or mentoring small groups of students within the class.

I'm spending today alternating between catching up on school readings and watching Glee, either way you can bet my mindset is completely in high school mode at the moment

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  1. Yay Glee! It's like high school-- only better.