Saturday, June 19, 2010

The future is (finally) revealed

Blog Status: Ella is having a lazy saturday after an interesting night out with the girls

I finally have a decision about the future. Finally.

I've been waiting for this for weeks now, getting increasingly anxious because time seemed to be speeding up. I finally finished all my applications the beginning of May and blogged about it here but until now there was no end result.

I haven't gone into specific detail about my future plans on this blog, partially because until a few days ago i didn't have future plans, and partly because I wanted to keep it to myself. Even some of my closest friends were surprised by my decision.

I sort of know what inspired my decision, but when I explain that to all of you, I guarantee you will all think I'm a moron.

I've been saying for years that I want to be a teacher. More specifically, a professor. Meaning, I want to teach at the University level. This can be achieved one of two ways, a masters degree or teachers college.

People that know me know I'm not a kid person. I've never been crazy about babies, and the idea of a room full of little kids scares me. In the past I always wrote off the idea of Teachers College because I had no desire to actually teach "kids".

Here's where my moronic inspiration comes in:

At the beginning of May I flew to Washington D.C for a few days. Because the flight was only an hour and a bit, there was little point in starting a movie, so I flipped to the T.V Shows. I found Glee. I'd heard a lot about the show, and people seemed to be pretty crazy about it, but I'd never seen it.

About half way through the first episode, I was hooked! Better than that, I was intrigued. High School Teacher. The idea had never crossed my mind before hand, but all of a sudden the wheels in my head began turning.

Being a High School Teacher would allow me to only teach certain subjects (in this case History and Social Science) and it would be an ideal stepping-stone to one day advance to teaching at the post-secondary level.

I came back from Washington with the idea firmly planted in my mind. Problem was, I was already way past the application deadline for most schools. In the end I found *one* school that was still accepting applications for this coming september. I applied and began the waiting game.

As of last week, the wait is over - I got in! I can't even begin to tell you how happy and relieved I am.

As of September 2010, Miss Ella will officially be on her way to becoming a teacher.

Wow that's a sentence I never thought I'd say out loud.


  1. OMG, are we the same person!?! I JUST wrote about finally coming to the realization that I want to be a teacher, after a loooong time of lacking direction.

    CONGRATS, ELLA! I am so happy and excited for you. We can help motivate each other! xo

  2. That's amazing news!!! So excited for you!! Good luck with it all and lots and lots of congrats!!