Thursday, June 24, 2010

Earth Quakes, Tornadoes and Storms – oh my!

Blog Status: Ella is amazed at Mother Nature’s fury

Hello Hello! Happy Thursday everyone

Yesterday was perhaps the strangest weather day ever in my area. As the title says, we had an earthquake, tornado and rain storm all in the span of 12 hours. I should note that I don’t live in an area that is prone to ANY of those things, so for us to even have them is something let alone all in the same day.

The earthquake was probably the most unexpected and the scariest. That being said, I didn’t feel it. The only reason I knew it happened because ShyBoy text messaged me asking if I felt the earthquake. I believe “…there was an earthquake..? what?” was my exact response. No sooner did I log onto Facebook to find hundreds of status updates from friends commenting on the earthquake. The news later confirmed that a 5.0 magnitude earthquake shook the Ontario-Quebec border yesterday at 1.41PM and lasted about 30 seconds. People as far away as New York, Vermont, Michigan and Illinois reported feeling the tremors. I think a co-worker and I were coming back from lunch around this time and were probably driving and that’s why we didn’t feel it.

I’m curious, if you live in any of those areas, did you feel it??

About 5 hours after the earthquake a tornado touched down in a town 2 hours north of here. Officials have declared a state of emergency for the area, a trailer park consisting of about 40 trailers was completely destroyed and 1 person was taken to hospital as well as roofs and windows of nearby houses and businesses were torn off. Thousands of people are still without power and Environment Canada is surveying the extent of the damage.

On a much smaller scale, we had a torrential rain storm in the early morning hours of the day today. I woke up around 4:40 to loud noises outside that sounded a bit like an air conditioner on overload. I got up to check it out and could only see rain outside. The area was gray-ish white because of all the rain. I’ve only seen that much rain a handful of times in my life so it was a tad unnerving – especially with the earthquake and tornado yesterday.

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  1. I did feel it. I scared the crap out of me.

    I also woke up to said crazy rain storm.

    But the Tornado is news to me.