Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween and its aftermath

How is it possible that it’s been over a week since I last posted?? I hate when life gets in the way of blogging. I’ve been noticing a trend in the blogosphere though, it seems as though a lot of people are having a hard time lately keeping up to date on their blogging (me included). Is it this time of year? School is picking up, work is getting busy, we’re all slowly panicking about how fast Christmas is approaching. Today is a slow day for me at work, so I’m sitting at my desk and discretely typing this post into my e-mail and then quickly copying it into blogger.

I do have an update for all of you in the Shy Boy saga. The Halloween Party.

It was Saturday night into Sunday morning. All in all the party was a success I believe, only a few incidents that I would rather have lived without, but nothing can be done about that now. ShyBoy actually did come as the Nerd, as did I of course. There are a few pictures of us together, but only one I really like. I will post one or two for all of you to see, but that may have to wait until the next post, unless I put off publishing this one until I get home from work.

I have to tell you all about my incident at the beginning of the party. It is completely un ShyBoy related, rather this one falls into the category of “Ella is a hazard to herself”. Luckily most people were downstairs or in the kitchen at this particular time. The main floor of my house has tile floor, and friends were just arriving at the front door. I sort of ran down the hall and meant to slide and then get the door. Well..

I slipped. And fell.

It was similar to falling on ice, my legs went one way and I crashed right onto the tiles. I felt nothing that night, but then Sunday morning I could barely move. I think I banged up the whole right side of my body enough that no one spot was sprained or broken, but it sure hurt a lot! It’s better now, just one ankle is still tender and swollen.

The rest of the night was good; however, I have no updates in the ShyBoy specific department. We had a good time and there was lots of communication, but nothing happened. I am glad he came, and I’m glad it seems to work with all of our friends because we have so many mutual friends.

He’s going on vacation to the Dominican Republic with his brother and a few friends on Monday for a week. Needless to say I’m extremely jealous! As much as I would like to see him before he leaves, I also won’t suggest it because I’m waiting to see if he makes the effort. I think I’m getting a tad restless when it comes to ShyBoy. It’s coming up to that time of year (Christmas, New years and my birthday) where I would really like to have someone around, but yet I still seem to be stuck in limbo. I also can’t bring myself to talk to him, so I think I’m stuck. Or possibly I’m just feeling pessimistic today.

Dear reader, how was your Halloween?


  1. This has been going on long enough--I would suggest laying it out on the table. Tell him how you feel!

  2. Hm... I think I agree with MJ on this one. Really, it's been dragging along for quite some time, hasn't it?

  3. I agree with MJ too! But you should be comfortable. and sometimes its nice when the guy starts it instead :)

    I can't wait to see you two in your costumes! I'm so glad the party was a hit, sounds like fun! Feel better!

  4. Ella, you're a doll! Thank you for your lovely comments :) the blog community has turned out to be even NICER than people I actually know haha... oh dear.

    Post nerd pictures. POST THEM!

    I don't know how to feel about the ShyBoy situation today. I am sort of the worst person to give relationship advice right now. What with my return to the world of the Chronically Single. It may be best for you just to be like OKAY PAL, LETS FIGURE THIS OUT. But then again, I hate making the first that's probably easier said than done. You'll figure something out though. And I can't wait to hear the next chapter in this saga.


  5. i have nomiated you ella for a kreativ blogger award!

  6. I absolutely agree with M.J. It has been lingering for a long time now... It's time to proceed to the next step... Or maybe you have done that already? I need to catch up with all the posts, so wait! : )