Friday, September 18, 2009

Out of the mouthes of babes..

Dear bloggers, I've practically had nightmares that one day I would sign onto blogger and all my followers would have left me. Sad but true. I've soooooo been meaning to blog and read all of your lovely blogs for DAYS now - but I just haven't been able to!

Last weekend I was in Ottawa for my baby cousin's baptism, which was fun but also long and stressful. Although I do have the cutest story to share with all of you, I hope it doesn't offend anybody - I'm sorry if it does!

My cousin married a man 2 years ago that already had a daughter, Morgan. She'll be 5 in November and she's the cutest thing ever - and already a part of our family. My family is largely Protestant or Catholic, but Morgan's mother is Jewish, so she is raised in both religions. Last sunday was my baby cousin's (Morgan's new half-brother) Baptism. Sunday was also Hebrew school for Morgan.

It was the first sunday back after the summer holidays. Little Morgan walks into the Synagogue into a room full of children, parents and the Rabi and goes "MY BABY BROTHER IS BEING CHRISTENED TODAY!"

needless to say that did not exactly go over well - although I think the story is hilarious. Out of the Mouthes of Babes right?

I'd love to hear any similar adorable children's stories that you've all heard!


  1. Haha aww kids say the darndest things! Just this evening I got dressed up to go to a cocktail party, and I turned to my 1.5 year old niece and asked her, "do you like Auntie's dress?" She simply gave me a once-over and replied coolly, "no." Then crawled away! Hahahahah I almost died! She's absolutely hilarious in her blunt honesty :)

  2. haha aww that's a great story! thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Children are so honest! Still unaware. A friend of mine is teaching her daughter about not talking to strangers & the importance because the girl is very sweet & social. So at the grocery store, the 3 year-old showed she was listening to mommy when she pointed at a shop clerk & and innocently asked her mom, "Is this stranger a bad man too, Mommy?" Oh my ;-) Thankfully the man understood the concept & indeed meant no harm.

    And no problem about the blogging lately. I will always be a follower of your blog, no matter what :-) I have had very little time myself to check on other blogs lately, so I'm taking my time this weekend to pay some visits. Have a nice weekend!

  4. I just read your shyboy update-cute! liquid courage! hahaha-I hope that your guys grow closer, he seems so, good for you!

    That IS cute! All children are cute :)