Thursday, September 10, 2009

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I know I've been TOTALLY slacking in the ShyBoy updates department! I keep promising updates and yet don't follow through! Eeeeek. I don't even have a proper excuse except that working full time really gets in the way of blogging. It's so terrible!

Now to backtrack, the last movie I posted about was Inglorious Basterds about 2 weeks ago! Man time flies!

So Inglorious Basterds was an alright movie. Very very long. Like I'm talking almost 3 hours and it probably felt like it was 5. A lot of plot and very little action. Mind you, the action that there was is very gory and bloody, I had my hands in front of my face for a good portion of it! Of course ShyBoy laughed at me - he always does when I get scared in movies (which somehow seems to happen a lot)

Not much else to report about that night, nothing eventful happened in regards to ShyBoy. Conversation continues to move on so I guess its a good sign that he's more comfortable around me.

Then last week, I was teasing him about something (I can't remember what - it really wasn't important) anyway the gist of that was that he was going to "punish" me by making me watch a scary movie.

I'm probably the biggest suck in the world for scary movies, I have nightmares for days on end! Anyway, so because I didn't want to miss an opportunity to be with ShyBoy, I agreed. We ended up seeing Final Destination in 3D. So not only scary, but scary close-up!

The movie was completely predictable seeing as this was number 4 in the series! But the night was good. He laughed at me because I once again had my eyes covered at parts and jumped at other parts. Later on we were talking on msn and he said its cute that I jump like a little kid, which I suppose is a back-handed compliment, right? Also that I looked sexy in the 3D glasses, which means he's charming (and lying because no one looks good in those glasses haha).

Then Sunday. The important day. The last thing I told all of you was that there was a club-party on sunday night and that he was coming. Well he did, and boy was it a night!

I was a little apprehensive at first because as much as I wanted a repeat of the last time he invited me out back in June, I was nervous because practically all of our mutual friends were going to be there too - so it was awkward.

We got to the club early and it was pretty empty. I noticed that ShyBoy and I didn't really talk to each other at all so I was a bit worried that it would be like that all night, because I didn't just want to go over and talk to him and look wierd, and I guess he felt the same way.

The next little bit gets a little fuzzy becasue I may have done a few too many shots..

But then I remember him saying something about another shot, and then dragging me over to the bar. I remember this vividly because he put his arm around my waist as he was leaning in to ask what I wanted. A couple more drinks go by and then I suppose liquid courage kicked in for both of us because the next thing I know I'm dancing on a stripper pole (I know, classy Ella right?) and I pulled him up with me. On the way back down it was a far jump and I was in a skirt so I hesitated and he ended up kind of lifting me off the platform.

After that we really weren't sepparated all night long. I believe I might have grabbed his hand going through the crowd (or maybe he did, the details are a little fuzzy) and from there he basically held my hand whenever we were walking anywhere.

At one point it got pretty hot inside the club so ShyBoy and I headed for the patio to get some air. I know for a fact we were holding hands at this point because we had to wait to get outside and he didnt let go of my hand until I kind of put my head on his shoulder and then his arm kind of went around my waist rubbing my back.

At the end of the night I invited the whole group back to my place and we ordered pizza and just hung out for a bit. Not much else to say there except that he sort of hugged me as he was leaving.


wednesday night we're talking on msn as usual, and he starts talking about going to Wonderland. For anyone who doesn't live in the GTA, Wonderland is an amusement part like Six Flags. They have a special halloween type show they put on where people scare you. He suggested that we should go there, which of course I'm TOTALLY in for. An outing with ShyBoy that doesn't involve a movie! (..or alcohol for that matter..)

I told him that if he was going to make me scared at Wonderland that he owed me a chickflick sometime. He agreed and said it was fair and then made me pick on the spot. There really aren't many chickflicks out at the moment, so I said I was feeling pressure and that I would pick some other time.

He goes: "maybe I'm trying to suggest you pick one now so we could see it tomorrow" which I have to admit I actually found incredibly adorable.

I ended up picking "All About Steve". Save your money, the movie is not good. It has its funny moments, but other then that its kind of stupid. BUT the night was good and we lingered in his car in front of my house for longer then usual talking, so all in all I'm definitely not complaining!

Those are all the ShyBoy updates I have at the moment! Sorry they didn't come sooner, but working full-time really gets in the way of blogging! Its terrible!

Hope you all have a good weekend, I'm off to Ottawa to visit family!


  1. I have two things to say:

    #1: You two just need to make out already!
    #2: I have lived ten minutes from Wonderland for 2 years and have never been there. Weird, eh?

  2. Um, I SO second Gidget's #1. Too much chemistry there, make it happen! :)

    And I loooved Inglorious Basterds, but I closed/squinted my eyes for a bit too. How can you not? You need to have a stomach of steel to keep your eyes open the entire time (aka 3 hours, haha)!

    Anyway, yes. #1! ;)

  3. Oh, and because I'm 5 years old, I must inform you that my word verification for my last comment was - no joke - "gonad."

    Thank you and goodnight.

  4. I am going to have to third what FG and Ali both said...make out already!

    Yea, boys are fun sometimes!

    P.S. working full time TOTALLY interferes with blogging. Lameness.

  5. I'm with Gidget on this one--you two need to make out already! This has gone on long enough!

  6. haha I love that your shyboy updates are also like mini movie reviews!!!

    ccuuuuute story about the bar :) not embarrassed to say that Matt and I's hit-it-off moment was sponsored by quite a few shots...

  7. i agreeeeeeeeeee

    just do it!!!!!!!!!! make out make out!

    i loved this post so so much! i was so happy and squealy! like wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ps ahahahah a STRIPPER POLe?? i love you even more now, els