Monday, August 17, 2009

Some housekeeping

Wow I can't believe its been almost a week since my last post! Sheeesh I really am lacking these days. I promise this will not happen again and from now on things will quiet down some I hope. As you all know, I was off to New York City on wednesday. It was an amazing 4 days, filled with good people, good sights and good shopping!

Needless to say I'm more than exhausted right now (an average 3.5 hours sleep for 3 nights does that to you) and my body is sore from all the running around.

I'll get to posting pics of NYC probably tomorrow or wednesday at the latest. One of the highlights was a trip to Coney Island. That place is absolutely amazing! We walked along the boardwalk and even rode the legendary Cyclone roller coaster.

In other housekeeping news:

I got myself a job! That's right - Ella is a working girl! (In a non sex-trade related way of course) I had my first day today, which I think went pretty well. Except for the fact that I'm completely overwhelmed and I hate feeling confused. I suppose it will just take some time.

In ShyBoy news:

I really don't have much in the form of updates. *Sigh*

I bought a small little something for him in New York, but I'm still undecided whether or not I'll give it to him. When I mentioned bringing something back to him as a joke, he basically panicked. Told me not to bother and spend money on myself and that I didn't have to do it etc etc. So I'm undecided. Its really nothing major. His background is also German, so at the M&M's store in Times Square, I bought a small bag of "German flag" coloured M&M's. Nothing major.

What do you all think? Would it freak him out too much? The last thing I want to do is scare him away.


  1. I would give it to him! I don't think it will scare him away, he might be a bit surprised, but it will probably makke him happy! (Even if he doesn't show it to you!)

  2. If THAT freaks him out, then he's just being lame. Haha, seriously though! They're M&Ms. I'd give them to him. It's so sweet of you!

  3. I say give it to him. I mean it's chocolate and everyone likes chocolate. It's not like your offering him an engagement ring, he has no reason to be freaked out over a gift like that. I think if anything, he should find it flattering.

  4. I can't wait to see pictures! Congrats on your new job too, Ella! :)

    Hmm.. I think I would give it to him. Its a nice gesture showing him that you care. He might be stunned at first and not know what to do, but I think later after he thinks about it, he'll really enjoy it. and think of you! which will bring you closer!

    Take Care!

  5. You should ABSOLUTELY give it to him! I mean, it's nothinbg big, just some sweets in some nice original packet! : ) you're going to give him a tip you thought of him when in NY. After all, it's not a jumper or a bottle of perfume, isn't it?

    And of course, congrats on your new job!! What kind of job is it?

    And please, post the pics from NY soon : ))

  6. I'm back from my vacation & will catch up with your blog more soon. I'm so far behind on catching up with blogs! I can't wait to read about your Coney Island adventure. I went to New York City but couldn't go visit. One day ;-)

    You should absolutely give him the M&M's. That is a very 'sweet' idea ;-)

    Have a nice week!

  7. What was your favorite thing about NYC this time?

    Freaking out about a small gift is kinda much. It's not like you called him 234234 times while you were gone! They are just M&M's so I would say give it to him and see what he does.

  8. it's my 1st time here..and im a li'l intrigued with this shyboy=)

    i would love to go around the world and see places, if only i can. and so i do so right now through the eyes of others. can you be one of those eyes?

    hope you can visit back.